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Sautisol’s Chimano and Bien Spark Dating Rumours


Bien gifts Chimano Rainbow Socks In Sweden

During their global music tour, Sauti Sol singers Bien and Chimano engaged in playful flirtation while in Sweden. Chimano, who openly identifies as gay, proudly showcased his rainbow socks, claiming they were a gift from his “fiancé,” Bien.

In response, Bien quickly corrected him, emphasizing that the word “fiancé” should be pronounced as “fee-ahn-say.” Chimano expressed appreciation for the rainbow sock, particularly during Pride Month, which is dedicated to celebrating and commemorating the LGBTQ+ community. The exchange continued with expressions of affection between the two, as Bien declared his love for Chimano, who reciprocated with a loving response.

The Sauti Sol team had traveled to Stockholm, Sweden as part of their world tour, and their performance took place on Friday, June 16. Willis Austin Chimano publicly revealed his homosexuality in December 2021, shortly after releasing his debut single, “Friday Feeling.”

During an interview in February 2022, Chimano shared that he was leading a fulfilling life after embracing his true identity. He emphasized the importance of self-acceptance, regardless of one’s sexuality, body, or personal struggles such as addiction or mental health issues.

Chimano also discussed his future wedding plans, highlighting his partner’s desire for privacy and their intention to have a private ceremony. He expressed a desire to shield their love from social media negativity and maintain respect for their personal lives.

When asked about an upcoming wedding, Chimano chose to keep the details to himself, indicating that he values privacy and wants to protect the wishes of those involved. He emphasized that this aspect of his life is intentionally kept private, as it involves individuals who prefer to avoid the public spotlight.

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