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Salary of KDF officers in Kenya | Ranks of KDF officers in Kenya


Keenyan Milliatry officers fall under the Kenya Defense Forces,KDF. The KDF is divided into;

  • Kenya Army – Military officers who specialize in land combat
  • Kenya Airforce – They are specialists on air combats
  • Kenya Navy – They fight in water

Ranks of KDF officers

These officers are put into two broad categories as

Commissioned Officers – They are the highest rank and they make crucial decisions and plans

Non-Commissioned officers – They are the lowest and their main roles is to lead and train troops.

These two categories are further divided into several groups depending on their experience and roles;

Private Officer: These are KDF soldiers who have finished Phase 1 of their military training. They are non-commissioned officers with the lowest rank.

Lance Corporal: After three years of service as a Private Officer or passing Phase 2 training, a KDF Private Officer is promoted to Lance Corporal. The Lance Corporal is in charge of a team of four soldiers. The group is known as a Section.

Corporal: It is the third-lowest non-commissioned officer rank. It is earned after six to eight years of military service, and advancement is based on one’s leadership abilities. A Corporal is in charge of more soldiers than a Lance Corporal. Someone in this role is also in charge of military equipment such as tanks and artillery.

Sergeant: After twelve years of good military service, a KDF soldier is promoted to this position. A Sergeant is in charge of a Platoon (35 men) and advises the junior officers.

Senior Sergeant:Senior Sergeant roles are classified as either Staff or Color Sergeant. After two years as a Sergeant, one can advance to any position. A Senior Sergeant leads an Army company of approximately 120 troops. .

Warrant Officer II: A Warrant Officer Class II is in charge of training, promoting, and disciplining a group of approximately 120 men. One is also a Major’s top adviser. A Major is in charge of a sub-unit.

Warrant Officer I: A soldier gets this position after 18 years of  service. A Warrant Officer I is in charge of up to 650 officers and soldiers.

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