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Salary of a Mmember of Parliament in Kenya 2023


It is said that Kenyan members of parliament are the highest paid across the world. However, this assertion needs more research and evidence to prove it. But still, Kenyan mps earn quite well and here is the breakdown of how much a Kenyan member of parliament earns;

Basic Salary

An MP’s monthly base wage in Kenya is currently Ksh.710,000. The salary does not include benefits such as a car grant, mileage allowance, and the contentious sitting payment of Ksh.5,000 for each day the MP attends legislative sessions.

Members of Parliament were originally paid Ksh.532,500 per month. The wage market adjustment number of Ksh.134,000, according to the SRC, is intended to cushion Members of Parliament. It takes into account market positioning as well as constitutional and legislative rules regarding salary and benefits.

Allowances Mps get

They are entitled to a sitting allowance of Ksh.5,000, with a maximum of Ksh.120,000. Members of Parliament also receive a Ksh.356,525 automobile maintenance allowance and a Ksh.116.63 per kilometer mileage claim, with a monthly limit of Ksh.353,788. The mileage claim applies to cars with engine capacities of up to 3000cc. There is also a monthly airtime allotment of Ksh.15,000.

Members of the National Assembly are also eligible for a Ksh.5 million automobile grant and a Ksh.20 million mortgage benefit.

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