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Sad Story of University of Nairobi Graduate who Lacked Job for being Overqualified


Almost all job opportunities and careers always need some level of qualification in terms of education and even work experience. This has always been a major reason why young people who are fresh from learning institutions are unemployed as employers ask for some how higher qualifications and experiences that they might have not achieved yet. However, for a young man who was a university of Nairobi graduate, his education became his main enemy in getting a job.

The story of Isaac Hague Oritcho is one that is amazing as he was unemployed for long due to constant rejection for his over qualification. He sat for his KCPE and scored 486 marks out of possible 700. This earned him a chance at Kisumu School where he later sat the KCSE in 2001 and got a mean grade of B+.

Isaac then joined the prestigious University of Nairobi to pursue a degree in Food Science and Technology which he exceptionally did well and graduated with a first class honors. This to him was a star for a brighter future as he went into job market. However, he was disappointed many times by failing to secure any job due to his ‘over qualification’. Isaac resorted to herding cattle to earn a living.

He even went back to school and earned two other masters degrees to boost his chances but all these added to his problems. He said that all his applications have never been fruitful and sometimes he had contemplated suicide.


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