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Sabina Chege Biography: Age, Husband, Career, News, CV


Sabina chege biography, spouse, age, contacts, education, family, and kids. She was blamed for holding association with wazir Benson chacha, a man blamed for cheating MPs and eating 13 female MPs and senior government authorities.

Sabina Chege is a Kenyan lawmaker. Sabina Wanjiru Chege is the Women’s Representative for Murang’ a County.

She was chosen for that position in March 2013 on The National Alliance (TNA) ideological group ticket. Sabina Chege is an alliance individual from Jubilee Alliance.

She is the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, in the Parliament of Kenya.

Sabina Chege
Sabina Chege

Sabina Chege Family

Sabina Wanjiru Chege is a mother of three children

Sabina Chege Age

Sabina Chege was born in 1972

Sabina Chege Biography: Education

Undergraduate Student of  University of Nairobi(Bachelor of Education)
Graduate Student of University of Nairobi (MA (Communication))
Secondary School Student of Mugoiri Girls High School
Primary School Student Kinyona Primary School
Primary School Student of Matu Primary School

Sabina Chege Husband

Sabina Chege is hitched to Maina Gathito. Before Sabina snared with Maina, she was connected to her first fire, Kikuyu Benga performer John De’Mathew (John Ndemethiu)

Wonderful Murang’ a Woman Rep Sabina Wanjiru Chege is being blamed for spouse grabbing, a charge that has been rubbished by the man’s nearby relatives.

In any case, Maina’s better half, Wanjiku, presently fears that Sabina may assume control over all the family property.

She wedded Chege in an all-white wedding on September 7, 1996, at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in South B, Nairobi.

Sabina is said to have met Maina in 2012 in the approach of the 2013 General Election when she was searching for a BMW vehicle to purchase.

In any case, a dear companion of the primary spouse told The Nairobian that there is undiscovered greatness under the surface of the eye. “We are as yet stunned. Sabina at first needed to purchase a vehicle and my better half’s companion offered her a BMW which she consented to pay for in portions,” said our source.

The source guarantees that Sabina couldn’t clear the installments and when salespeople came to repossess the vehicle, she assembled a conference to sift through the issue. “After the gathering, Maina turned into Sabina’s lead campaigner and a dear companion,” said the source.

In any case, Maina’s family is safeguarding Sabina, saying she is neither a spouse snatcher nor a mystery sweetheart. The source explained that he went to the conventional wedding among Sabina and Maina in 2015.

Sabina Wanjiru Chege Political Background

  1. Started 10th March 2013: Women’s representative for Murang’ a
  2. Started 13th February 2013: Coalition Member  of Jubilee Alliance
  3. Started 8th February 2013: Member of The National Alliance (TNA)

Sabina Chege Job History

  1. She has been an actress
  2. Business Development Manager of World space Africa
  3. Radio presenter of Kameme FM
  4. Founder & Director of The Sabina Wanjiru Foundation
  5. controller of commercial radio services of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)
  6. Radio presenter of Coro FM (breakfast show)

Sabina Chege Biography

Sabina Chege is a lady of numerous abilities and used to be an entertainer at Kenya National Theater. She filled in as a radio moderator for a long time where she tended to the advancement and ladies’ issues.

Sabina Chege
Sabina Chege

Sabina Chege Dressing Row

On 22 August 2018. Sabina’s Birthday, in a Parliament, sitting Male MP’s disturbed parliament procedures over Sabina Chege’s dressing. Maakueni MP Daniel Maanzo named the Woman Rep’s dressing as wrong. Sabina had ventured to the speaker’s chamber to counsel with the Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi when Maanzo recognized her short-sleeved white shirt uncovering her upper chest and arms.

The opinions by Maanzo on Sabina’s dressing were favored by Majority pioneer Aden Duale and the pioneer of Minority John Mbadi who concurred that Sabina is pardoned to proceed to dress as needs be.

The Deputy Speaker, in any case, expelled the administrators and enabled the House business to continue.

7 facts you didn’t know about Sabina Chege

Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about the sassy Murang’ a women representative.

1. Birth

Chege was born in 1972 in Murang’ a County.

2. Schooling

She attended Kinyona Primary School before proceeding to Mugori Girls High School for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), where she sat her final exams in 2000.

2. Graduate

Sabina Chege holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Studies from the University of Nairobi. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Communication studies.

3. Actress

Chege was an actress in the popular television drama series, Tausi, where she played the role of Rehema.

4. Dancer

Sabina Chege featured in popular Benga musician John De Mathew’s music album. She featured in the video ‘Njata Yakwa’ (You are my star). The video elicited speculations with claims that Chege was dating the musician.

5. Radio presenter

Between 2002 and 2005, she worked as a presenter at Kameme FM, a Kikuyu radio station. In 2005, Chege quit Kameme and joined communication firm Space Africa as the Regional Manager. In 2007, she joined the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) where she worked as the program controller.

6. Politics

She joined politics in 2013 and won the Murang’ a women rep seat on a TNA ticket. In 2017, she was re-elected on a Jubilee Party ticket.

7. Family

Sabina Chege is married and is a mother of three. She is also a staunch Christian.

In April, Chege was embroiled in a controversy after a middle-aged man, Benson Chacha, was arrested over allegations that he was using the MP’s name to extort money from MPs.

There were allegations that the MP had been in communication with Chacha, with a section of Kenyans claiming the two were in a relationship.

The MP, however, denied the allegations and distanced herself from Chacha.

With 2022 succession politics in play, there are claims that the MP could vie for the Murang’ a governor seat.

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Sabina Chege Contacts

Email : info@sabinawanjiruchege.com

Tel : 254 722624684 /  +254 734624684

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