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Ruto made the same number of foreign trips as Uhuru in their first 135 days in office


President William Ruto has made the same number of foreign trips as his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta in his first 135 days in office.


Between September 13, 2022, when he was sworn in as the fifth president of Kenya, and January 23, 2023, when he made his most recent trip abroad, Dr. Ruto has made a total of 12 trips. The duration is approximately 133 days.


On the other hand, Uhuru Kenyatta made 12 trips abroad between April 9, 2013 and August 20, 2013, a period of 134 days.


A head-to-head comparison, however, shows that Ruto has traveled more outside Africa than Kenyatta during that period.

President Ruto’s Foreign Trips


September 19-20, 2022: England, London – State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

September 20-24, 2022: United States, New York – 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

October 6, 2022: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa – Launch of Safaricom operations in Ethiopia.

October 8-9, 2022: Uganda, Kampala – Celebrations of 60 years of Ugandan Independence.

October 9-10, 2022: Tanzania, Dar es Salaam – Official Visit.

November 6-8: 2022: Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh – 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

November 21, 2022: DRC, Kinshasa – Official Visit.

November 22- 24, 2022: South Korea, Seoul – Official Visit.

9-10 December 2022: Eritrea, Asmara – Official Visit.

December 13-16, 2022: USA, Washington DC – USA-Africa Leaders Summit.

January 24, 2023: France, Paris – State Visit.

January 25-26,2023: Dakar, Senegal – Conference on Food Security in Africa.

Foreign Trips of President Kenyatta


April 27, 2013: Tanzania, Arusha – East African Heads of State Meeting.

May 3, 2013: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa – 21st Extraordinary Meeting of IGAD.

May 6-8, 2013: United Kingdom, London – Conference on Somalia.

May 9-11, 2013: South Africa, Johannesburg – World Economic Forum.

May 24, 2013: South Sudan, Juba – Official Visit.

May 25-26, 2013: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa – 50th Anniversary of the African Union.

June 24-26, 2013: Uganda, Entebbe – Official Visit.

July 1, 2013: Burundi, Bujumbura – State Visit.

July 14-18, 2013: Nigeria, Abuja – African Union Summit on HIV/AIDS.

July 18, 2013: DRC, Kinshasa – Official Visit.

August 4, 2013: Uganda, Munyonyo – AMISOM Meeting.

August 16-19, 2013: Russia, Moscow – State Visit.

Kenya’s third president Mwai Kibaki made a total of 33 foreign trips during his ten-year rule between 2003 and 2013, making him one of the least traveled Kenyan presidents in foreign countries during his rule.


The president’s foreign trip usually costs taxpayers millions of shillings in accommodation, activities and transportation.


For example, in the 2014-2015 Financial Year, President Kenyatta’s 24 foreign trips cost taxpayers Sh1.2 billion.


The president is accompanied by a large entourage, including his security detail and senior government officials who draw huge travel allowances.


Senior members of the presidential delegation reportedly receive a daily allowance of up to $400 (Sh49,000), while the government pays for their food and accommodation.


The Comptroller of the Budget report released in October 2015 showed that President Kenyatta’s foreign visits accounted for more than three-quarters of the total Sh1.57 billion that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent on trips in 2014-2015.


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