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Rules set For Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu Battle: grand stage unveiled


The stage is set for singers Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu’s much-anticipated battle at the Kololo Independence Ground.


Two women will perform in the battle, which is considered an annual event; Self-proclaimed “King” Cindy and the “Queen of Sheba” fight for pride and big money.


A huge stage, twice the size, where everything happens.
The stage will be divided into three parts and two sides will be decorated for each artist. In the center called “No man’s country”, there will be only presenters.
The show will be moderated by Sanyuka TV presenter Isaac Katende, aka Kasuku, but each artist will have their own MC.



As of yesterday, Zahara Toto has been cast as Sheebah, while Cindy has not been cast yet.
Artists will perform individually, each taking a break for 20 minutes. “If the artist is performing on their side, the sound and light on the other side will be turned off,”


Fans of both artists will be blocked and left. Only VIP and VVIP passengers sitting in the front can pass from the sides, at the end of the concert, the jury will decide who the winner of the challenge is.
Winners (with the most people and participation) will receive an additional 100 million in prize money at the press conference.

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