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Ruby Lyrics – Khaligraph Jones

Ruby Lyrics

Ruby Lyrics – Khaligraph Jones

Yeah,,, OG
Listen, am about to tell you a story
Av never shared, av always kept to myself
Hopefully mtaniskiza

A traumatic experience
And no am not asking for your help
But hii kitu iliniumiza
Listen of

But just before scroll ngoja
Hii story nadhani inaweza fikia all borders
Wanna tell you about this girl Ruby Jezebel
A.K.A empress Queen of Golgotha

Fine girl
Originally she was from Nakuru
But upon kufika Nai she settled in Buruburu
She was 19 I guess siko sure about the age

But the first time we met ilikuwa ni Buru stage
I was in fourth form
Nilikuwa nimetoka funky Aquinas
Nikingoja Mat Yole inishukishie Masimba

She was alone rocking a blue blouse and some jeans
Am like this kinda be the hottest girl I have ever seen
She started a conversation hoping I will see her later
Since I didn’t have a phone, she wrote her number on a paper

Kufika home nikaomba mother simu ndo nimcall
That’s how we started vibing Ju nilikuwa Nisha fall
Told her me bado stude na Bado niko system
She told me she is in college and a devoted Christian

Ruby Lyrics – Khaligraph Jones

Long story short me and Ruby started dating
But coz she was slightly older a bunch of people started hating
After Kumada Chuo, me and her were still together
I was so sure that hii kitu ingelast forever

I didn’t have a stable job I was a part-time bouncer
Slush rapper slush waiter wa kuserve watu kwa counter
Ruby was working in westi front desk
She was earning more than me

I was hoping I won’t mess
Coz most of the time ye ndo alikuwa ananipa fare
Hakuna siku ingepita kama Ruby hajaniombea
She was the best thing that ever happened in my life

We were young, but I felt like she was the potential wife
She comforted me siku mangoma zangu zilikuwa hazichezwi
Akanishow wasee ka Pinyee huwa hawabembelezwi
Then suddenly vitu zikaanza kuchange

Ruby akaacha kuenda church
Ruby akaanza kuwa strange
Ruby anaonekana Westi
Amebebwa ndani ya Range

But despite hizi mashida, my love was still the same
I talked to her about it, but she never seemed interested
She didn’t care about the love we had invested
Aaah mashallah but a nigga never gave up

I gave her time to think hoping we was gonna makeup
Two months down the line Ruby hataki kuniona
Heartbroken I mean she almost left me in a comma
She moved from Buruburu mpaka uptown Lavi

Kazi ilikuwa tu sa ni kugeuza ma sugar daddy
She blocked me on her phone
So there is no way I could have reached her
That’s when I realized enyewe hii kitu imeisha

And like a real man you know I had to accept
Coz a girl’s decision is something that you gotta respect
Yeah I was hurt, but I moved on still
Ruby was living in the best life coz the dude had meals

Per Barbados on the photos that she posted on the net
I was left dead coz I was getting roasted by my Ex
Yeah, I learnt a lot from that experience
Stop dating and when I did it wasn’t serious
Coz sikutaka commitment
Guess this is what they meant when they said
That vitu Kwa ground ni different

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Fast forward three years later nikiwa kwa hao
Got a call from Ruby akinirequest tumeet tao
I agreed coz on the real I was curious
She was my girl once so vako singemkulia

Ruby Lyrics – Khaligraph Jones

Mpango za Mungu saa zingine hatuoni
Imagine this is the same day that I also met with Bonny
And Ruby never showed up for the meeting
Nikacatch kiasi sababu pia simu alikuwa hashiki

I went back home nikicheka tu
After kujiaibisha something I said I would never do
Two days later nikiwa FB nikaamua kusearch Ruby
Then I saw a post saying RIP alipass juzi

You see Ruby committed suicide
On the same exact day, me and her were supposed to meet
And this is after finding out she had contracted HIV
She also left me a letter

Akiniambia pole and apologizing for
You know what I had to go through after we separated
And I just feel soo I always feel sad about it
Rest in Peace Ruby


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