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Robert Burale Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Occupation, Facts


Robert Burale wears numerous caps; he is an acclaimed occasion have, motivational speaker, picture advisor, Marketing strategist, and an entertainer. He is the man behind The Robert Burale School of Leadership. Moreover, he is the CEO of The Readily Bold Company.

He is a regarded open figure and a generally looked for after open speaker in events and coordinates circle. The design cop is one of the most refined open speakers and from this time forward-positioned as the top MC in Kenya and sixth-best in Africa. How about we analyze the history of this style specialist who is perceived for his monumental looks and undying adoration for design.

Starting in 2020, the Image advisor, Israel Robert Burale is 44 years old. The acclaimed have was brought up in Nairobi at the core of Karen. He was born in 1976.

Robert Burale Education Background

Robert studied at Musa Gitau Primary School located in the heart of Kiambu County. He then proceeded to Bungoma High School, where the interest of acting was sparked. Robert is an alumnus of UK’s De Montfort University where he graduated with a degree in business and marketing.

Recently, he was honored at United Graduate College and Seminary International with an honorary degree of doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities.

Robert Burale Movie Role

In 2011, he cast in a film titled ‘Shattered’. It’s arguably the first Kenya movie that featured a Nigerian artist- Rita Dominic. The movie won the 2012 African Movie Academy Awards for the Best Actress in Leading Role. In the same year the Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic was honored as the best actress in Kenya’s Kalasha Film and Television Awards.

Robert Burale involvement in Accident

In 2017, as reported by The Star, Robert Burale sustained a head injury and was rushed to Nairobi Hospital where he received medical attention. As a rejoinder, he went on social media praising God and likewise rebuking the devil as the power behind his predicament. Definitely, the fashion critic had all reasons to praise the lord after the successful minor surgery.

Robert Burale marriage and separation

So, is Robert Burale hitched or not? I am certain you are squirming on your seat in expectation to know whether he is taken or accessible. To be straightforward he was. Robert met his flawless, presently ex at a past Gospel show in 2012. This Robert Burale marriage denoted the finish of his bachelorhood and grasped marriage and even with some opposition from Robert Burale guardians, the association was solemnized. As a guarantee to live respectively ever after, Robert Burale’s spouse got married to the minister following five months of romance.

Through the marriage, he was blessed to be the dad of a little girl, presently 14-year-old. The girl is named Lexie Burale. The marriage establishment is intended to shield and unite the gatherings’ sentiments, and develop the enthusiasm that comes full circle into a mind-blowing devotedness. In any case, the same number of us come to acknowledge, melding the feelings of two individuals in marital solidarity, creates its exceptional difficulties. Thusly, such challenges lead to contacts and unindenting conflict. Robert was not insusceptible to these difficulties that hound pretty much every family association.

During her twelfth birthday, Robert Burale’s little girl got warm wishes from her father. As a flashback, he took his little girl back a world of fond memories to the hour of conveyance that he did without a doubt observer at the limits of the conveyance room. He shared how he actually cut the umbilical string and the sentiment of seeing her altogether grown-up did right by him.

The Man of God has stayed tight-lipped on the likelihood of wedding once more, yet thinking about how the man keeps up a careful individual life, we will be sentenced to the life of tension and theories. The internet-based life will be existence with theoretical data in regards to, Lilian Muli and Robert Burale being seeing someone. This was activated by an Instagram photograph that Burale shared demonstrating him and Lillian Muli in a warm grasp. To include greater interest, the reporter responded to the photograph commending the attractive Robert as being an exceptional individual to her. Nonetheless, the two have denied the bits of gossip and demanded they are simply dear companions.


Unfortunately, the Robert Burale family couldn’t hold and the amicable marriage before long came tumbling down after just a single year into the marriage. In a meeting with Standard, he revealed how the horrifying minute caused him to understand his demise in neglecting to sustain the estimation of kinship, so critical for the union with a flourish. Being an open figure and a minister, the occasions after the separation was oppressive to Burale who was viewed as lecturing water and drinking wine.

He was frequently stood up to with criticism and judgment however with time he showered the tempests and tidied himself off the ground. He confessed to having kept putting on the ring, months after the separation, the explanation being that he was unable to grapple with the occurrence more terrible still the curious loved ones privy of his past marriage. The disastrous experience one can say is the center’s significant fixing to his traits and certifications as both an evangelist and a marriage mentor.

He is exceptionally cheerful, much the same as every other person who fails, that another possibility for an enduring marriage will turn up. He was obvious to call attention to that her girl is the best blessing to transpire. After the separation, his little girl, Lexie keeps on sharing a personal bond that is an approval of the co-child rearing course of action he created with Robert Burale ex. As per The Star, the enchanting beautician has had no sexual relations with any lady for a mind-boggling four years!. He revealed the individual subtleties at a TV meet. Robert Burale individual life for his own decision, however.

Robert like each individual has some profoundly kept privileged insights. He let the truth out by saying that he was before a sex someone who is addicted, as uncovered during a meeting with Standard. Without delving into the subtleties of the shocking past, he cautioned that it’s a shortcoming to be locked in with an enormous number of ladies instead of the general public’s view as an indication of manliness. In a meeting with the standard, he shared how on the double his life was all-out wreckage; dating a not insignificant rundown of ladies, frequenting strip clubs and getting caught in overwhelming obligations.

He faults unequivocally his organization on the grounds for his wayward ways. The picture advisor was discolored for quite a long time after he was blamed for defaulting on his guarantee to repay obligation to an occasion’s coordinator. Robert Burale’s extortionist gossipy tidbits were everywhere throughout the web-based life. In all actuality obscure yet in the event that the talk was valid, they may have settled their disparities out of the open examination.

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Robert Burale’s profession

His excellent oratory gift coupled with his way with words of advice and hope makes him a dazzling public speaker. He founded the “naked truth” talk show to inspire and uplift people from the harrows of disappointment. The Robert Burale naked truth provides a forum for individuals to express their feelings and cast light on society’s unsavory nature. It has mainly remained relevant because the man of God, keeps injecting new, fresh ideas and talent that kindle the flames of the program.

Naked Truth has sought platforms outside Kenya to showcase the talent and seek to be a beacon of motivation to young people in other parts of the world. Through the naked truth by Robert Burale toured a different number of states in the US and also had a stint in London.

Mr. Burale was also one of the moderators of Citizen TV’s Show-fashion watch, hosted by the sultry anchor Lilian Muli. Unfortunately, the show ended a year ago but for sure it spurred interest in fashion among its viewers. But its KTN’ show, “Command Your Morning” that brings out the other peculiar touch of faith to this brilliant motivational speaker.

As a host to the show, a number of mostly religious figures are offered a platform to share the word of God through mind-blowing insight into the moral and spiritual expectations we ought to uphold. If you miss a show or program, Robert Burale YouTube videos are available to watch.

Whether it’s motivational talk, religion or fashion you will definitely not be disappointed. In addition, Robert has his own YouTube channel to leverage content generation. The channel has more than 1000 subscribers. As he revealed in the Robert Burale interview with Standard, his vocal nature to matters sexuality is not a coincidence.

While his peer men of God decide to hide under the veil of religious dogma, he is proactive in addressing the negative elements of sex that he had to contend with at one time of his prime. He reiterated every individual has unique gifts and strengths and the bold statements he makes are a reflection of those attributes.

Robert Burale
Robert Burale

Robert Burale style

The attractive picture advisor is known to give obtuse dating tips, particularly to youngsters submerged in the realm of adoration. Moreover, Burale makes types of progress wherever he arrives with his fine feeling of design that makes him stand apart among others. He ordinarily wants to dress in savvy easygoing wear As a pointer to present-day style patterns of youngsters, he alerts against the western effect on the African lifestyle. Specifically, he takes note of the feminization of youngsters through their outright ladylike method for dressing and embellishments like piercings. Robert is offering astonishing dressing tips to youngsters; days are gone when a man would maintain a strategic distance from a shower and cherished his sweat-soaked smell. Like they state the picture is everything. Stress no more as Robert Burale exhortation on prepping will spare you cumbersome minutes out in the open. Sprucing up oversized suits that resemble those of your gigantic uncle is a relic of times gone by.

Prominent Robert Burale guidance on life and design

While it is phenomenal for the minister Robert Burale, not to miss on any subject on sex and love. In his numerous meetings and show facilitating, he by and large avoids offering outlandish individual thoughts however a somewhat decisions subject to the expression of God strengthened by the solid African social qualities. The youthful city shrewd women are prestige to love the minister Israel Robert Burale three sides of a coin on issues relationship.

It is with a modest idea to take note of that Robert Burale life crosses all circles of our lives. He puts his shrewdness to use to counsel youthful jobless Kenyans on approaches to stay applicable in the activity advertise. What’s more, he offers proficient direction on how to go after conventional positions and maintain a strategic distance from the slip-ups many occupation searchers make in a frantic move to split away from the joblessness net.

He proceeds to show pioneering abilities, particularly in a contracting Kenyan economy. Based on his past nearness via web-based networking media, the adaptable messenger Robert Burale is an independent scribe. You won’t miss a post or explanation that leaves you with profound contemplations. On one viral old Twitter post, an extremely emotive Robert Burale cites read: Spiritual development isn’t measured by how well you quote sacred texts however by your organic products. Try not to get it bent.

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