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Rihanna Contacts: How To Contact Rihanna Directly

Rihanna Contacts

Rihanna is one of the most popular artists in the world and is known for her loyal fan base, the Navy. She receives fan mail everyday from across the world and is known for taking the time to respond to her fans whenever she can. You can contact Rihanna through the mail by sending her a letter or contacting her on social media.

Mailing Rihanna a Letter

1. Contact Rihanna’s label. Rihanna is managed through ROC Nation Management, which is owned by ROC Nation. ROC Nation is headed by Rihanna’s mentor, Jay-Z. Her label handles business requests but you can also send her fan mail at this address. You can address the letter to Rihanna in care of ROC Nation.

  • The address for ROC Nation Management is “1411 Broadway, 38th Floor, New York, NY 10018”
2. Contact Rihanna’s publicist. Rihanna is a client of 42 West, a public relations firm in New York City. Her publicist is Amanda Silverman, who heads the East Coast Talent team for 42 West. She handles Rihanna’s scheduling, booking, and media requests. You can send fan mail to either the primary address in New York, or to their Los Angeles address. You can address your letter to Rihanna in care of Amanda Silverman.

  • The primary address for 42 West is “220 West 42nd Street, 12th floor, New York, NY 10036”.
  • The West Coast address for 42 West is “1840 Century Park East, Suite 700, Los Angeles CA, 90067”.
3. Contact her Barbados address. Rihanna recently purchased an estate in Barbados and uses it as her home base when she is not touring. While letters sent to this address may not be read directly by Rihanna, it is an option. Here, you can directly address the letter to Rihanna Fenty.

  • This address is “One Sandy Lane, Paynes Bay, Saint James, BB24009 Barbados”.

Writing to Rihanna

1. Stamp and address an envelope. Be sure to write the address legibly in a dark ink. You will need to include your home address as well if you would like to receive anything back.

  • You will need to check with your local post office to see how much postage will cost if you are outside of the United States.
2. Include something you want autographed. When you send fan mail to Rihanna, you can include something that you would like for her to autograph. While there is no guarantee that you will receive an autograph in return, it doesn’t hurt to send something along.

  • You should include something Rihanna specific, like a photograph or a postcard with her image on it. Do not send something that is irreplaceable, like ticket stubs to one of her concerts, since you may not receive it back.
3. Explain your request. This is your opportunity to address Rihanna and her staff with the reason why you wanted to send her fan mail. You should include whether you’ve ever met her before or attended one of her tours or publicity appearances.

  • Ask her a question about her upcoming tours or her charities, like the Clara Lionel Foundation.
  • You can send either a hand written or typed letter. You should always sign your name in ink even if you did type the letter. This makes it more personal and is professional.
4. Be gracious. Your letter to Rihanna should be kind, and you should thank her for spending time reading your letter to her. If you have included something for her to sign, you should thank her in advance for her autograph.

  • For example, you could say something like “Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know you receive a lot of fan mail and it means a lot to me to know that you’ve taken time out of your busy life to read a letter from your fan.”
  • If you’ve included something for her to sign you could add, “Thank you in advance for signing this photograph for me. I took this photo at your concert and I have copies of it hanging in my room. Having an autographed copy of this photograph would mean to world to me, so thank you!”

Contacting Rihanna Through Social Media

1. Contact Rihanna on Instagram. Rihanna’s Instagram account is @badgalriri. She uses Instagram frequently and interacts with fans on the site daily.

  • You can either send her a direct message or comment on her pictures. A direct message is private and fans have reported having conversations with her this way.
  • Based on her past interactions with fans, Instagram seems to be the best way to contact her over social media if you want a response.
  • You could say something like this in a direct message, “Hi Rihanna, my name is Amy and I loved your song Umbrella. What was your favorite song on Good Girl Gone Bad to record?
2. Contact Rihanna on Twitter. Rihanna’s Twitter account is @rihanna Her Twitter account is updated usually every day and is most likely run by one of Rihanna’s assistants as well as Rihanna herself.

  • You can send her a private message through the site or tweet directly to her.
  • Rihanna retweets a lot of fan posts that contain a photograph of her. You could tweet a picture of Rihanna at a recent award show congratulating her on her awards.
3. Contact Rihanna on Facebook. Rihanna’s official Facebook account is @rihanna. You can use Facebook to write on Rihanna’s Facebook wall or to send her a private message over Facebook messenger.

  • It is unlikely that Rihanna herself runs her Facebook page but there is always the chance that one of her assistants will see your message and pass it along to Rihanna.
  • In a private message to Rihanna’s page, you could write something like, “Hi Rihanna, my name is Amy and I wanted to say hi since I didn’t have a chance to during the meet and greet at your concert in Miami. You’ve been my favorite artist for years now, and I love your work!”
4. Contact Rhianna on MySpace. Rihanna’s Myspace account is @rihanna. This is probably the least effective way to contact Rihanna since her Myspace is updated infrequently and is not as popular as her other social media accounts.

  • The message you send on Myspace could be similar to the one that you send on Facebook. It should contain your name and why you’re reaching out. You could congratulate her the success of her recent album or an award she won at a music awards show.
5. Contact Rihanna on her official website. Rihanna’s official website is RihannaNow.com. Her official website lists her tour dates and her appearances. If you can afford to go to one of her concerts or if you live near one of scheduled appearances, this is your best chance to meet Rihanna in person.
  • If you have a philanthropic request, you can contact her charity. Rihanna founded the Clara Lionel Foundation in 2012 to help students in underprivileged areas receive college scholarships and to fight for education rights. You can send an email to the organization at info@claralionelfoundation.org.
  • When you contact her charity, you should write a formal request that contains information about why you are requesting her presence at your event and the details about the event.