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Read Janet Mbugua’s Emotional Poem To Her Ex-Boyfriend


Former news anchor Janet Mbugua took to her social media pages to share a love poem she wrote for her boyfriend about 18 years ago. Janet posted a photo of the poem on social media expressing her dismay and disbelief going by the fact that she had invested her feelings in a relationship many years back.

The poem that Janet wrote talked about the end of her union with her boyfriend and the beginning of a new path in life.
In as much as Janet felt as though she was revealing too much information about herself she went ahead to send warm wishes to her fans and a “happy in their feelings” Tuesday.

Last month Jane shared a different love poem sharing poems that centred around lost love, relationships and passion among others. The poem read,

” Funny I would think that two years ago,
I was the one thing you were certain of
We were the heart of everything was a flirt
You were gentle
I was the spoilt one
where you would spend
Funny, we thought we’d stay
Only to throw it all away
Strange that our paths crossed when I was up in arms
You were rational, I’d lost my mind
You were convinced that I was your kind
You talked and charmed me. I looked away
I knew I’d turn back and made you stay
Strange that we stood side by side
Only to find ourselves in this collide
Surreal, so surreal that it’s been two years
You moved on, I moved out, I stood alone, You fell in love
I remember everything
You’ve made it her world
Almost as if we never were..”

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