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Professor Wajackoya: I Do Not Belong To The LGBTQ Community


Presidential candidate 2022, Prof George Lushiri Wajackoyah is one of the politicians who attended the Requiem mass of the twelve people who perished during the Azimio’s nationwide protest.
The mass was held at Bondo stadium and Raila Odinga the Azimio leader was in attendance.

Wajackoyah called out on the Deputy President Gachagua for mentioning his name relentlessly during his speeches. He claimed that the Deputy president was pursuing him romantically.
“Gachagua, wewe ndio umekalia hizi vifo hao ambao wamelala hapa, kuanzia leo Gachagua asilale, familia yake isilale mpaka wakufe wazikwe. Wamepitisha ile LGBTQ, Gachagua I am not gay. Kila siku anataja mimi,”

He also asked the Deputy president to leave the Narc party leader Martha Karua alone and asserted that she is not his agemate. He said,
“Gachagua awachane na Martha. Martha si rika yake. Martha is more beautiful than this man. ”

He told the congregants that they should fear the opposition leader, Raila Odinga claiming that he has got superhuman features. Wajackoyah asserted that Rails Odinga is capable of transforming himself whenever he faces danger. He said that Raila Odinga is not a regular human being adding that those who have tried to shoot at him always fail terribly at it.

“When Baba is present here, don’t underestimate him. there’s a special way of looking at him. Baba is not a regular human being. they have tried shooting at Baba, but he turns into a nyangau; the officers run away; the officers run so far some haven’t returned to this day.”

He ended his speech by thanking the opposition leader Raila Odinga’s wife for taking care of her husband. He said,
“Mama Ida asante mpaka Baba anakaa kijana.”

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