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Private schools want equality on the Selection of secondary schools


Private schools have asked the government through the Ministry of Education to ensure fairness in the selection of form 1 which is expected to start next week.

Principals from various institutions in Kiambu emphasized that the process should be guided by the performance of the candidates in the KCPE 2023 results announced by the Minister of Education Ezekiel Machogu on Thursday.

Led by Kuta Amboko, the principal of Westridge School in Thika which posted good results in the declared results, the school principals regretted that students, especially from private schools, have been discriminated against in the past in the exercise.

He noted that in the past years, the exercise of selection and planning has been difficult for parents and students, after not having the places of the schools they choose.

Amboko said denying students the opportunity to join secondary schools of their choice even after obtaining the required marks, will discourage them and greatly affect their performance in secondary schools.

He asked the Minister of Education to ensure that all students who have obtained the required grades to be promoted to the schools they have chosen, do not give up.

“We are asking the ministry through the Prime Minister, to try to follow the recommendations of the students of their schools, in such a way that if a student chooses Alliance High School and deserves to get the grades that are necessary to join that school, then, the place of Alliance is given to that child and he is not sent to another school ,” Kuta said.

His opinion was supported by the manager of the school, Rosemary Wanjiru, who said that all students from public and private institutions should be given equal opportunities in the exercise.

“They are all our children, and they should be given equal opportunities to join the schools of their choice, given that they are worthy of their performance,” Wanjiru said.

Juja Preparatory school principal Francis Njenga said justice must be considered in the exercise. He said this is the last KCPE exam following the suspension of the 8-4-4 education system and the adoption of the Competency-based Curriculum.

“Again, there are no private or public children. We are all served by the same government and therefore we should not discriminate students on the basis of where the students studied,” Njenga said.

Lucy Nyambura, a parent whose son Melvin Munene scored 403 in the school, asked the ministry to save parents in the process of sending their children to schools far away from home, by ensuring that they get a place in local schools.

Other candidates who did well in the exams at Juja Preparatory School include Natalie Watiri (403 marks), Mark Muguna (397), Talia Kendi (397), Teihilla Wanjiru (393), Esther Muthoni (392), Sally Wanjiru ( 391) and Natasha. Genius (390).

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