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Pritty Vishy Reacts After Stevo Shoots His Shot To Kaveve Kazoze’s Ngesh


Popular social media star Pritty Vishy has reacted after her ex boyfriend rapper Stevo Simple Boy confessed his undying love for Kaveve Kazoze’s hitmaker Ngesh.
Pretty Vishy painted a picture of how the two celebrities’ children would turn out should they decide to have kids together.

She took to her Insta story to write,
“Watote wa Kaveve Kazoze+Stevo simple Boy= Tuveve Tusimple,” Pritty Vishy wrote.
Earlier this year, Stevo caused shocked Netizens on social media when he confessed that he loves Ngesh. He stated that the upcoming artist had stolen his heart and that if she was single, the damsel should give him a chance.

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy said in a video that circulated online,
“Yoh, huyu ni Stevo Simple Boy Mondi wa Kenya manze kuna mwanadada pale naona amenivutia sana anaitwa Kaveve Kazoze(Ngesh). Kama ako single mwambie Stevo Simple Boy mzee wa matulenga namtamani mfikishie ripoti mwambie Stevo Simple Boy nimedata kwake wangu lazizi wangu habibi kwake sitamsuta nitakuwa nayeye na mambo itakuwa freshi aje awe mchumba wangu,” the rapper said.

In response to Stevo’s advances, the Kaveve kazoze hitmaker replied saying that she was not interested in Stevo as she is already in a relationship. When asked by an interviewer about where she stands with Stevo Simple Boy, she said,
“Siajaona hata video, nimeona tu mapicha natumiwa, mimi namtaka aje? Achana na yeye, Niko na mtu. Sikuangi na second thoughts,”
Few months ago, Pritty Vishy announced that she went on separate ways with Stevo because he denied her conjugal rights. She said,
“I cheated.He is humble but he was waiting for marriage, I was also waiting for marriage but the body has its needs.”

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