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6 priority Tips for pregnant women on How to deliver safely



Pregnancy is an interesting state while at the same time, a very delicate situation that needs a lot of care. The medicines, foods and even movements have to be controlled, watched or observed at a close range to determine status of both the baby and the mother.

Most mothers observe these dos and don’t, though man prefer the guidelines with the assumption that nothing major will happen if they look the other way. Otherwise the following should be given utmost concern.


1). During the four months of pregnancy it is prudent to avoid stressful works, and frequent penetrative sex.

This is ideally because engaging in quite penetrative intercourse can come with, among others, profuse bleeding, placenta praevia or even broken waters. Such vigorous and penetrative sex increases the risk of being infected most times.


2). Being too stressed when the baby does not kick under 4 months.

The typical human baby is very tiny and deeply positioned in its protective shell that failure to feel them kick during this period is normal. However they are alive and kicking so a mother should not be so worried.

3). Eat a lot of fruits.

Babies are essentially entitled to nutrients and minerals. Fiber, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C and folic acid are all crucial to the growth of a baby. They will keep their body strength n check until such a time that they are born.


4). Avoid sugary drink as you approach 6 months.

Gestational diabetes, preterm birth and Pre-eclampsia are some of the pregnancy complications associated with consumption of too much sugar during pregnancy past month 5. Sugar plays also an unwanted role in the weight gain of a feotus.


5). Regular Exercise

It’s important to take note of the fact that regular exercise during pregnancy is important. It is vital even after giving birth since it helps in the control of weight gain. After the baby is born it will be pivotal in loss of baby weight after child is born.


6). Have sex when partner is close to delivery.

Sex during the last stages of delivery is quite important. Oxytocin levels can be increased by stimulation of the nipples and genitals and thus trigger contractions during labor

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