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Power blackout leaves baby on life-support machine dead


The recent power outage in the country has left a family from Embu in pain as they mourning the death of their newborn baby who was depending on the life support machine.

The baby’s chances of survival relied upon the oxygen support which was tragically cut short by the power blackout on Friday at the Embu Level V Hospital. The existing backup generators at the hospital failed to pickup.

The baby’s father expressed his sorrow and he revealed that the baby had lactating problem and was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit for infants.

“The oxygen supply was halted since the Embu General Hospital couldn’t run backup generators the whole night. More than three infants in the nursery unfortunately lost their lives,” he lamented.

“I am sad right now as I head home with a heavy heart. I don’t know what I will tell my wife,” he painfully stated.

According to Human Rights activist Boniface Mwangi, the current number of babies who lost their lives was nine.

“How many other lives have been lost because hospitals didn’t have a power backup or generators ran out of fuel? Failing to plan for a power blackout in a hospital is criminal negligence,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

He also revealed that the father of the infant with lactating problems was asked to pay Sh. 200 for a death permit

“I met other parents at the hospital and we are all paying Sh. 200 for a burial permit since their infants also passed away yesterday night and this morning,” the father continued.


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