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Photo of Rachael Ruto that has Sparked Domestic Violence Rumours


One of the many things that Kenyans are known for is their social media strength. The Kenyans on social media are so powerful that other countries would not dare to challenge them to an online feud and banter. This is not only limited to other countries but even Kenyan leaders and celebrities are aware of the power of social media and so many atimes they take caution of what they expose on media to avoid being trended negatively.

Today, the First Lady of Kenya Mama Rachael Ruto is on the trend after a photo of her went viral. The photo was taken in Nakuru on 31st December when William Ruto was giving his new year speech and message to Kenyans. Several leaders atteded the event including the First Lady who was seen seated on same table with Nakuru governor Susan Kihika.

As seen from the photo, Rachael is seen lost in thoughts and depicting someone who is not really happy. Her face revealed sadness that was complimented by series of wrinkles. Her eyes appeared swollen something which quickly caught the attention of Kenyans who were curious to know what could be bothering the First Lady.

Despite many saying various unverified things concerning her marriage and personal life, one sure thing that everyone must acknowledge is the fact that she is now becoming of age and so getting wrinkled skin is inevitable. She also has, just like any other Kenyan, her own issues that must bother her.


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