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Photo of Nancy Indoverie Kizungu the real owner of Kwa Mathe who is still on the run


It has been revealed that the real owner and leader of now famous ‘Kwa Mathe’ drug spot in Ngara is still on tge run and that the woman who had been arrested was just her counterpart. The real ‘Mathe’ has been identified as  Nancy Indoverie Kizungu.

Nancy Indoverie is reportedly on the run from Police Officers following the dramatic arrest of her counterpart, Teresia Wanjiru on Tuesday 15th August. Teresia who quickly gained popularity and fame especially on Twitter was just an employee of the real ‘mathe’.

Nancy, now common as Mathe, is the main distributor and peddler of bhang among Nairobi youths who subscribe to her like a cult. This can be seen from a recent post by DCI comically mocking the inversion and arrest of the Kwa Mathe workers.

“Kwa mathe tumefunga, tafuteni pedi mwingine,”

This tweet attracted over 8000 comments and about 20000 likes within few hours and this points out at the popularity of ‘Mathe’ and Kwa Mathe which is the spot in Ngara slums where the gang was operating from.

It is reported that Mathe was operating in Karuia slums found in Ngara. Here, she offered small tokens to the  youths who acted as her protection and informants. She is arguably powerful that she ha the ability to influence transfer of police officers within the area. This is reported by the Standard.

“Nancy is a powerful individual to the extent she can influence the transfer of police officers within Parklands, Central, Ngara, and Kamukunji Police Stations as well as influence the transfer of friendly and cooperative officers to desired stations.” As reported by the Standard.

Teresia Wanjiru who is her worker and employee was arrested together with other three minors after they were cornered at Ngara slums by DCI officers. They were found with 26 bags of bhang, 13.4 million in cash and other illegal drugs.