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Photo of mobile phone thief arrested with over 100 phones


DCI police have achieved a big breakthrough in the city’s continuing fight against mobile phone theft. Their actions resulted in the arrest of Jeremiah Mbugua, a person suspected of orchestrating the phone thefts.

Authorities conducted a decisive raid on Mbugua’s second-hand phone business, which is located within Califonia House on Gaberone Street. Hundreds of stolen mobile phones were found and recovered as a result of this operation, which was nothing short of miraculous.

The trove of seized materials went beyond the stolen phones. Among the confiscated items were a sophisticated software installation device, external storage devices, and mysterious universal flushing device interface gadgets known as “ndongois.”

Jeremiah Mbugua remains in detention while the inquiry continues, enthusiastically working with authorities to shed light on the complicated network of mobile phone theft affecting the city.

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