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Photo of Mercy Cherono the Daystar University first year stabbed to death


Deaths among university and collage students have been so rampant and mysterious. Many of the reported deaths always involve students themselves wrangling over love affairs or other less important things that they could easily solve d without his ending in tragedies. Recently, another student has been killed in what has still not been revealed.






The Daystar University fraternity is mourning after a fresh student was stabbed to death in hostel. The student identified as Mercy Cherono was a first year student who had reported four dad earlier and was allegedly in a hostel party with some friends. Police have arrested a suspect in the case.







The 19 years old Cherono was a student of Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. As per her close friends, she was a very cheerful lady who had no known enemies making it hard to believe that someone ended up killing her. Witnesses said that they heard screams from her room on Tuesday night around 10 pm and on checking on her they found her lying on the floor while seriously bleeding.







After unsuccessfully trying to keep her alive by blocking he bleeding wounds with a towel, they called hostel manager and they established that Cherono was not breathing. They alerted the police who arrived and took her to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.










Due to this, a suspect was also arrested on the scene of crime. John Mwangi who was staying in the same hostel was arrested to give account of the events leading to this death as he was the one seen with Cherono last. He is a student of Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

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