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Photo of David Mayaka the DCI officer shot dead in Kayole by thugs


A DCI police officer, David Mayaka, attached to Makadara police station was on Tuesday shot and killed by a gang of thugs riding on a motorbike. This incident took place at Hirligham area along the St. Michael – Boston Road in Mihang’o area in Kayole at around 10:30 pm.

The officer was driving home with his wife on board when their vehicle got a puncture. They stopped to change the wheel when the gang arrived quickly and unleashed attack on them. According to a now viral CCTV footage, they  ordered the officer and his wife to give out their phones and other things.

Mayaka could be heard asking them to just take whatever they wanted and spare their lives but one man who seems to be the one controlling the gang is heard ordering his accomplices to shoot and kill them. This is followed by three gunshots, two at Mayaka and one on his wife who survived with a leg injury.

The thugs quickly leaves the scene as the distraught woman screamed for help. Sadly, a vehicle believed to be a police car arrives but leaves shortly without offering any help. Other road users come and stop to help them woman who is heard asking them to take them to hospital.

According to report by police officers, they are aware of the identity of one of the thugs. They claim that the thug has fled Kayole and is now in Githurai. He has been asked to surrender and turn himself in before it is late.

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