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Penalty Rules in Football that Not Many People Know


Football is one of the most loved games globally with very huge fanbase. At least every country has a football club or national football team that represent them during international matches.

This game has various rules which guides how it is played and the conduct of all who take part in it. One such rule is the penalty kick. Penalty is a free kick that is played at the centre of the goalkeeper’s box and cannot be blocked by the opponent players apart from the goalkeeper. It is given when opponent player who is not a goalkeeper touches the ball or plays a foul in the box.

This thrilling moment too has its rules such as;

  • The ball must be stationary when the kick is taken.
  • The penalty taker must not touch the ball again after kicking it until another player touches it or the ball has touched the crossbar.
  • The player taking the penalty is not allowed to pause their run towards taking the penalty and if that happens and a goal is scored then that goal will be disallowed and the kicker will receive a yellow card.
  • The penalty taker can choose to pass the ball instead of kicking it at the goal.
  • If a player accidentally double touches the ball when taking a penalty, that goal will result into a foul, it will be disallowed and the penalty taker will receive a yellow card. That penalty opportunity is counted as wasted and will not be retaken.
  •  Goalkeeper must remain on their goal line at least with one foot until the ball is kicked, and they cannot move forward until the ball has been struck.


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