Home NEWS “Pastor Must Go” Church Members Chant after Pastor asks for a Prado

“Pastor Must Go” Church Members Chant after Pastor asks for a Prado


A church pastor was left in disbelief after his congratulation stormed out of church in his presence after he demanded to be bought a car.

The incident which happened in a church in Kawangware in Nairobi exposed the bad habit of the unnamed pastor for his lust for luxury life. The pastor is said to have asked his congregation to contribute towards purchase of a Prado for him.

He was particularly frustrated by the fact that the church managed to raise money enough to buy a school bus but when it comes to his Prado the members showed lack of commitment. This led to him attacking the church members in his summons which angered many members.

According to the aggravated church goers, the pastor particularly became fond of attacking directly church leaders whom he feels are impediment to his demand for a car. The man of God told his people that he always feel embarrassed when he meets other fellow pastors in meetings driving heavy machines while he himself walks.

The congregation stormed out of his service and are now asking for his removal from the church and be relocated to another church.