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Pastor Ezekiel Reveals That Mother-In-Law Rejected Him Since He Was Poor


City lawyer Pastor Ezekiel Odero has revealed that his wife’s parents objected their marriage because they were both poor. Hus wife Sarah was infuriated as a result and decided to run away from home. On running away, she left her parents looking for her desperately everywhere.

On seeing the kind of effect they had on their daughter, they resorted to giving in to her requests and allowed Pastor Ezekiel to take their daughter in as his wife.
The New Life Church and Prayer Center pastor recalled the pivotal moment when he went to pay his wife’s dowry. Ezekiel asserted that he was met by unexpected opposition from his wife’s parents. His in-laws questioned why their daughter had to be married by a man of humble beginnings considering that their family was also undergoing financial difficulties.

They demanded that Pastor Ezekiel proved that he was capable of providing for his wife. They insisted that he paid for Sarah’s relatives fare to prove that he is responsible. Pastor Ezekiel recounts offering two goats as bride price and facing a difficult moment when trying to raise money for bride price.

Pastor Ezekiel narrated during a sermon,
“I was not rich because I had only taken two goats to their home as a bride price. Her uncle refused to allow her to get married to me. And they told me that if I wanted to marry their daughter, I had to pay fare for her relatives so they could attend our wedding.

I told them I had only KSh 10,000; out of which, I had spent KSh 6,000 on buying the two goats and was only left with KSh 4,000, which was supposed to be his wife’s fare to their wedding,”

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