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Parents Now Will Have To Pay School Fees Through E-Citizen To End corruption in schools


It WILL be mandatory for parents and guardians to pay school fees for their children through e-Citizen.

This is after the Ministry of Education on Friday issued an order, asking parents or guardians of students in national schools to use the system to pay their fees. The order is in line with the government’s strategy to streamline the payment of all its services through business number 222222.

In a notice sent to all head teachers of national schools on January 3, 2024, the Secretary of Basic Education, Belio Kipsang, instructed them to submit their school’s bank account number to the relevant financial institutions to ensure the implementation of the order.

“The general management of e-Citizen, in collaboration with the Information, Communications and Technology Authority (ICTA), the Ministry of Information, Communications and Digital Economy and the Ministry of Finance are collaborating to put all government services in the e-Citizen system to improve service delivery ,” explained the notice.

To ensure compliance with the system, parents are instructed to pay fees through e-Citizen. Head teachers have been instructed to provide the necessary financial information to the Office of the Director General, Department of Basic Education, by February 6, 2024.

The government said it will provide guidance on the payment of taxes through the new system, after receiving all the necessary information about the bank accounts used to pay taxes.

In June 2023, President William Ruto ordered the harmonization of the payment of government services to reduce cases of embezzlement of some funds.


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