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Owago Onyiro Biography, Career, Facts, Education, Fiance

Owago Onyiro

Owago Onyiro is one of the most well-known humorists in media outlets. He is known for his very much built Luo jokes and his Dholuo complement. Away from the camera, he is an individual like some other. He has had his most exceedingly terrible minutes, best minutes, first kiss and a lot increasingly like we all.

Owago Onyiro Education

Humour has defined the life of Byron Otieno commonly known as Owago Onyiro to lovers of Churchill Show on NTV. From the time he was as a student at Kanyawanga High School in Rongo where he sat for his national examination in 2003, Onyiro was a comedian who entertained his classmates and teachers.

During his high school days, Onyiro said Physics was his best subject and wished to be a lecturer in an Engineering department in a top college before his passion and talent as a comedian saw him change the course of his career.

He got his education at Railways Training Institute before finishing at Kenya Polytechnic University.

Broke and Homeless Rumor

Comedian Owago Onyiro denied rumors that he was kicked out of his house in South C over rent arrears.

The comedian who has been off the limelight told Heads Up that he is still living in his ‘mansion.’

“I don’t know who started the crazy rumors because I am doing really well and can’t complain. I still live in my four-bedroom mansion in South C, I’m not homeless. People will always talk, but I am doing fine,” he said.

Last year, word on the street was that he had quit comedy to concentrate on gambling and had won Sh800,000. But he denied those claims too.

Radio Job at KBC

Former Churchill Show comedian Owago Onyiro has for the first time disclosed the reason as to why he quit his well-paying radio job at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)

Speaking exclusively to Pulselive.co.ke, Owago said that he decided to leave the KBC Radio Taifa job because of some of his colleagues, who did not like the idea of him being there.

The comedian went on to say that the colleagues who had worked at the station for many years felt bad because he was young, and was being paid a lot of money compared to what they earned.

According to Owago, he chose to leave instead of having unending spats with the colleagues who were against him being there.

Radio nilifanya lakini unajua kuna wale watu wana roho mbaya mpaka nikaona mbona nikorofishane na watu. Unajua wanaona sisi tumefanya hapa kazi miaka Kumi, huyu mtoto anakuja juzi na analipwa hela mingi. Kuna vitu mimi kama mtu kutoka huko Kisumu siwezi kubali nikawaachia tu. Hapa nje sisi ni walewale,” said Owago Onyiro.

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Owago Onyiro Cheating Girlfriend

Churchill show comedian Owago Onyiro may be a funny man in front of the camera, but his personal life has had him in some serious situations at times. One question that has always been on the minds of Kenyans online is whether or not a man can date a lady if she comes into the relationship with a child from her previous one.

For Owago Onyiro, he found himself in such a predicament and it is as laughable as it is sad. In an interview with fellow comedian Chipukeezy, Owago Onyiro divulged that in one of his past relationships, he was gearing up to be a father. He had not only committed to being the best dad in the world but also went out of his way to make the lady as comfortable as possible, not knowing that the baby was not his, to begin with.

The hilarious conversation came to life when Chipukeezy commented on the fellow comedian’s love life, mentioning his ex-girlfriend in the process.

Owago Onyiro then clarified he parted ways with the lady long ago after being tricked into believing the child was his. “This guy took care of pregnancy for nine months, not knowing he is not the father,” Chipukeezy commented amid amusement from the crowd.

In his defense, the funny man from Nyanza cautiously explained that he had to play his part to avoid the stigma that comes with celebrity dead beats. That, however, did not take away the fact that even celebrities get cheated on by their ladies every once in a while.

Owago Onyiro
Owago Onyiro

Facts About Owago Onyiro

Here are things you didn’t know about Owago.

  1. He’s got his first kiss playing cha mama cha baba when he was a little kid.
  2. He has never taken alcohol.
  3. He got his first girlfriend when he joined high school, her name was Mercy.
  4. The first car he ever drove was a BMW X5 which belonged to his friend.
  5. The first college he ever attended was Moi Institute Of technology now Moi University
  6. He is a certified accountant
  7. He first appeared on TV in episode 11 of Churchill raw.
  8. His best friend is Jalang’o
  9. His best fashion label is Gucci
  10. His first performance was on Churchill raw
  11. His favorite rapper is Lil Wayne
  12. His favorite song is Mirrors by Lil Wayne
  13. His dream job is becoming a comedian radio presenter.
  14. He wants to be the pioneer of uncensored comedy in Kenya
  15. His dream car is a Lamborghini
  16. The worst moment is when his father punished him in front of the whole school.