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Otile Brown Songs – List Of All Otile Brown Songs

Otile Brown Songs

Otile Brown is a talented musician from Kenya. Most of Otile Brown Songs are Romantic in Nature, he sings for the ladies if I may say. It is no lie that Otile is the King of Love music in Kenya. In this post, we list all Otile Brown Songs to aid his fans in knowing them and also help in making a decision in which of his songs you have to download.

Otile Brown Songs 2020

  1. Aiyana – He Features multi-talented actress and singer Sanaipei Tande – 958K views in just a week. 
  2. The Way you Are – Released in January 2020. In the song, otile admits to loving his girl just the way she is and so she doesn’t have to enhance her body like boosting the size of the booty or changing skin color from dark to light.

Otile Brown Songs 2019

  1. This Kind of Love – The video was uploaded to Youtube on 4th November 2019. Otile admits to having a special kind of love that can’t be bought by any amount of money and which the Sponsors can’t give. Sponsors refer to the rich old men who are fond of luring young women or girls with money and luxurious lifestyles.
  2. Nabayet – Nabayet is the name of a girl and this girl was Otile’s Girlfriend. The relationship reached a point where it became complicated and so they broke up. After break up, Otile released this song and dedicated it to Nabayet to show her that he was so sorry and was ready for a second chance. As of the date of publishing this post, Nabayet has attracted 1.6 million views on Youtube.
  3. Siku Yetu – Video was uploaded to Youtube on August 7, 2019. 995k views and still counting.
  4. Dala Dala – He features the popular gengetone group ETHIC ENTERTAINMENT. Produced by Magix Enga and was released on July 15, 2019. As of this date, 1.5 million views and counting.
  5. Lucy – Otile Brown, Arrow Bwoy and Masauti came together to make the song a success even though they haven’t released its video.
  6. Amor – Jovial was present in the song. It has 2.3 million views.
  7. Zichune – He features Jovial. It has 1.3 million views
  8. Nitulie – No video for this one, but you can download the Audio and enjoy listening to your favorite Musicians.
  9. Japo Kidogo – When this song was uploaded to Youtube, it attracted a controversy that led to its deletion from youtube but was later put back and now has 1.3 million views. He features Khaligraph Jones.
  10. Crush – According to the Song, Even after marrying and sired children with the wife. He still crushes over his wife. 3.2 million views and counting.
  11. Kenyan Girl – To Otile Brown, Kenyan girls are the best, the likes of Lulu Hassan, Betty Kyalo and Avril just to name a few. 3 million views.

Otile Brown Songs 2018

  1. Samantha – You should probably listen to the opening beats of this song, only if you haven’t. The song was released during the time when the Sex doll popularly known as Samantha was trending in Kenya. 2.8 million views.
  2. Niende – No video for the song but you can enjoy listening to its Audio.
  3. Nobody – Another sweet song. He encourages people to accept and move on after a breakup. It could have been nicer with the video also available but unfortunately, no video.
  4. Hi – He can’t stop saying Hi to the crush girl. This song is a must-have in your playlist. 4.9 million views on youtube.
  5. Niacheni – He tells those people asking questions about their breakup with Vera Sidika to give him a piece of mind. Otile Brown, in the song, rubbishes Vera’s claim that he used her. Otile Brown responds to that claim stating he was already famous even before he met Vera Sidika. In the same song, Otile Brown says that their relationship with Vera ended because Vera had aborted his Pregnancy.
  6. Baby Love – Otile Brown had a relationship with socialite vera sidika. Otile Brown was so much in love with vera Sidika to the point of dismissing all the claims that Vera Sidika was plastic as she had undergone plastic surgery. Otile Brown admitted that he loved Vera just the way she was. They even went ahead to meet each other’s relatives, but the relationship ended shortly after the release of Otile’s song titled ‘Baby Love.’ In the song, Otile Brown assures Vera that he was never going to leave her side.
  7. Chaguo la Moyo – If you are looking for a song to play on your wedding day, well look no further because Chaguo la Moyo is the best Kenyan song you can play at your wedding. Otile features Sanaipei Tande in the song which has attracted 18 million views on youtube.
  8. Aje Anione – If your girlfriend or boyfriend has gone far away from you. You can get inspiration from this song and ask her/him to come to see you. 2.7 million views.
  9. Tamu Sana – He features Shetta from Tanzania in this song. It has 1.9 million views on youtube.

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  1. Nataka – He features Khaligraph Jones in this Audio
  2. Mapenzi Hisia – He tries to explain to his fans that love is a feeling. 4.8 million views
  3. Acha Waseme – Keep talking behind my back and watch God blessing me in front of your eyes. 2.1 million views
  4. Kistaarabu – Ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to get up and dance with you gently and slowly. 1.5 million views
  5. Niseme Nawe – He features Barakah The Prince in the song. 1.4 million views
  6. Yule Mbaya – Love is like a drug you get addicted to it no matter how much it could hurt us we still want more. It gives us this indescribable feeling, too much that it can kill you. 


  1. Alivyonipenda – The one who loves you truly, you don’t love, you love someone else who loves another person who doesn’t love back either. 
  2. Pakate
  3. Aiyolela
  4. Basi


  1. Everything
  2. Dejavu
  3. Imaginary Love
  4. Shujaa wako

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