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”Osiepe Murkomen Nikanye” Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen leaves Prince Indah with joy as he appreciates his song


It is said that music is a medicine to the soul and others also believe that a good music has no boundary as far as tribe or language is concerned. That is why you would be shocked to find yourself hyping and dancing to a song that you probably do not understand its words. This is what has happened to Cabinet Secretary for Transport Kipchumba Murkomen.










Murkomen was apparently listening to one of the hit songs of Luo Ohangla maestro Prince Indah. He would later make a Facebook post that attracted a lot of reactions in the comment section including Prince Indah himself and his manager Pius Omudho. Murkomen was listening to ‘Osiepe’ song by Prince Indah and he then personalized it to himself by posting a line, Osiepe Murkomen Nikanye.  He went ahead to appreciate the song by saying it is a ‘good stuff’.
















The Osiepe song is one that Indah composed to appreciate the friends he has who have been very supportive to him in his career. Osiepe is a Dholuo word for Friends. In the song he counts some of his friends and in general he acknowledges all his supporters and fans. When Murkomen posted Osiepe Murkomen nikanye, he simply meant to ask Where are the friends to Murkomen just like Indah asks in the song Osiepe Indah Nikanye.


















In the comments section, Indah himself replied to Murkomen saying he was in Siaya county, Ugenya at a place called Bar Over where he was performing that night. His manager, Pius Omudho, on the other hand reacted in Dholuo saying Thum onyong’o lang’o which can loosely translate to ‘music has entered into the son of Kalenjin’.


















Prince Indah currently is the most celebrated local artists in the Ohangla industry as he has attracted fans from all over the country regardless of their tribe. His songs resonate well with many as they are very entertaining and full of teachings and wisdom. He recently made big headlines after successfully filling Kisumu Sports Ground in his Malaika Festival Jaza Stadi. This added him milage in his popularity.