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Opinion: Why Kenyan Ladies are Dying in Hands of Murderous Men


Kenya has seen a rise in cases where young women are murdered by men whom they presumably had trusted in having an affair with.

It is something that had been going on for some time but was still not given much attention until the last two recent cases. The first case was of a socialite Starlet Wahu who was painfully slaughtered by a man who has since been identified as John Matara.

From other people’s confessions, it appears that this suspect John Matara is a common criminal who preyed on these young and gullible ladies to extort money from them and their families. However, some of his victims managed to raise the funds and got free.

The last recent case is of university girl named Rita Waeni whose body was found stashed in trash bags. Her body parts were severely chopped off and sad of it all, her head was not found at the crime scene but was later retrieved in Kiambaa Dam almost a week later.

In Rita’s case, two suspects of Nigeria origins have been arrested. Even a knife believed to have been used in the act was found in the house of one of the suspects. It is believed that she was used for sacrifice purposes.

Now the main question is, why are these women being murdered so aimlessly a d easily like chicken? There could be several arguments and opinions over this and so we look into some of these;

1. Obsession with Easy and Fast Money

Many young women are chasing after quick money gotten with a lot of ease. This make them be a perfect target for those men who are in some cultic societies which need human sacrifices. These criminals will use money to get their preys by inviting them for expensive dinners at high end restaurants coupled with hefty allowances.

2. Social Media Influence

Social media has also contributed a lot to these cases in several ways. First, the social media platforms for hookups have in recent days gained fame where many people are rushing there to get their matches. In this way, they end up with guys they do not know their history well.

Also, some ladies are negatively influenced by socialites on social media who post expensive lifestyle. These socialites are also giving ill advice to their followers and in such, they mislead them into engaging in anything but just to get money.


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