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Ohangla Artist Prince Tobby Quits Music


It is a sad day for the fans and lovers of Tobias Ochieng’ popular as Prince Tobby as he has decided to end his music career.

In a very long and so emotional post in Facebook, and Prince Tobby revealed that he has been sick battling with painful throat which has affected his productivity both as a teacher in classroom and a musician.

Due to this, he is currently under medication and requires a lot of money for checkups and scans. He is now set to sell a lot of his musical instruments to fund his treatment and he posted the instruments he is selling on the Facebook page.

Other than that, Prince Tobby has urged fellow artists especially those branded as ‘upcoming’  to never give up just like him but to keep going despite the difficulties they face in the hands of producers. He narrated how he was mistreated by a producer whom he did not name which formed the basis of his downfall in the industry.

According to Prince Tobby, he had intended to release an album in 2020 but all the songs he ended up releasing as singles because the producer kept asking him to be patient. Some of the songs he claims were never even released but their lines were sold to some artists.

Here is the whole post by Prince Tobby :

My name is Tobias Ochieng, Popularly known to many as Prince Tobby. I know my Fans have been wondering where I am and why the Silence. Many concerned friends have made phone calls to know my fate but the eccentric silence is worrying. Some have advised me accordingly while others have laughed and mocked me. At some point I thought of battling it out on Social media, but being a man of few words with a delightful dry sense of humor, I remembered that I am a Teacher and the Society might judge me wrongly. I have always given my best both in Music and in the classroom. I have always dreamt of making the world a better place through nurturing Students in school and educating the Society through MUSIC.I have always wished to pay back my grandmother who stood up with Orphans when all other relatives ran away after the sad demise of my parents but it’s so unfortunate that I can’t fulfill my promises. My Songs that were recorded in January 2020,Songs that were to be released as an Album ended up being released as Singles. Some were never completed up to date. They kept reminding me that I am an upcoming artist and for me to Succeed, I need to practice patience. Because I believe patience pays and I have always been thirsty to Succeed, I kept waiting but all was in vain. Some Lyrics of my best songs were leaked and literally sold to artists well known to me. They became Hits but I never took any offense. I decided to disaffiliate myself from unproductive ‘Friendship’. Early last year, I requested some of my Loyal Fans to help me purchase Music instruments. Thanks to @GeeDee @LindaKimmy @JorimOwino Val Ocharo and Team Prince Tobby WhatsApp group at Large for the Support you offered. I appreciate your effort and may all of you never lack. The amount we collected was not that much and could not purchase the Instruments as planned so I decided to dig deep into my savings and coughed up everything from my account. I took a Loan from my Sacco hoping that all would have been well, Unfortunately it has never been well with me. I have battled serious throat infections since June last year to date. I have spent thousands in Hospitals but no positive result. I have consistently dwindled from notes to coins leaving me with no option but work from morning to evening just to service the Loans. Unfortunately, I am currently placed under bed rest since I have become unproductive in School. I can’t teach neither can I sing. I am in debt and completely Depressed. As I quit Music today, I just request all of you to pray for me since I don’t know what my next move might be. I have the talent, I have the brain and Passion but I don’t have the Strength to continue in this state. I would have loved to continue and keep all my Fans entertained but this is too much for me and I can’t bear it any more. To my fellow upcoming Artists, I know what you go through under some of these producers. They will always pretend to be good to you in the name of promotion but get it from me, it’s all about self benefit. They will always force you to pay before producing your Songs but they will never give your project the attention and seriousness it deserves. All they care about is getting your money to fund their Femmes Fatales. Some are well connected that even if you question their integrity they will still get away with it. They will treat you as a Minor since they are the big Fish. They are egomaniacs and feel like the embodiment of this Industry. But all I tell you is don’t lose hope like me, Keep trying and maybe who knows, your door might be the next to open. As I put it in my Song LIEL MIT KAMAR WADU, https://youtu.be/3BjOghfqt_4?si=1SLQe0p8u7S_H6SA I pray that you don’t judge me but support me during this most difficult time of my life. May God better my situation. I still believe God will make a way. The Music Instruments pictured below are on Sale. If interested then reach out to 0706540735. I urgently need Money to conduct some Scans in Hospital
For anyone who wants to Support me overcome this, Feel free to join my WhatsApp group using this link https://chat.whatsapp.com/KOvpZ4MSyehEurC7GqAVyG
Signed, Prince Tobby
Simy Kenya Slim Nyar Awendo-SNA Val Ocharo
Gloh Doh”- Prince Tobby on Facebook.


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