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Oga Obinna Asks Daddy Owen To Stop Hating On LGBTQ Community


Daddy Owen has been a victim to multiple threats declared his stance after receiving numerous trolls on rumours that he is a member of the LGBTQ community. During a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Daddy Owen was considered unkind to the LGBTQ community.

In response Daddy Owen said that he didn’t hate on anyone adding that he was just pointing out on something that he didn’t feel was right. He said,
“I don’t hate anyone,when you see something that is not right you just say this is not right it’s not the person it’s the act.”

Sometime back, Daddy Owen was pinned down by the online community since he didn’t post about his family on his social media platforms. Many netizens questioned him about his sexuality. In response, Daddy Owen said that the idea of the LGBTQ community was guided by a political agenda and according to him, there wasn’t such political finding in mammalian Biology.

“Sexual desires and preferences shouldn’t be forced down our throats! we rebuke it the same way the Bible condemns any other sin like wickedness, greed, envy, deceit, etc. We don’t hate anyone, we hate the sin and we are calling out the sin. we are praying for them. the West colonized our great grandfathers, history taught us that some resisted and some collaborated. We shall resist! They should be cautioned, this new Africa, we shall not be colonized by sexual preferences and manipulation.”

In the recent interview, Daddy Owen asserted that LGBTQ should not be pushed on Africans. He also disputed claims that he had been paid to push the campaign against the LGBTQ community. He also asked parents to be keen with their children lest they join the community that is being glamorized.

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