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Odiero JaMjengo Biography, age, education, career, family, wife, net worth


Kenyan entertainment industry has vast potential arising from the many comedians and content creators we have. They have mastered the importance of social media to reach large audience and this has seen many become popular over a short time. One of the fast rising comedians in Kenya especially in Luo land is known as Odiero Ja Mjengo which is his stage name.


Odiero Ja Mjengo real name

Odiero Ja Mjengo real name is Bernard Otieno Ochieng’ and he adopted the name Odiero Ja Mjengo as his stage name thanks to what he was doing by the time he realized his potential in comedy. Word Odiero is a Dholuo word that was used to describe the white skinned Europeans and it depicts something that is white or almost white in color. Ja Mjengo means someone who works at a construction site where ja stands for a person of  and Mjengo is a Swahili word for construction. So literally, Bernard Otieno decided to use the name since he was working at as a construction man and was known for that.


Odiero Ja Mjengo age

Bernard Otieno was born on 15th April in 1990 at Got Bondo village in Rarieda, Siaya county. He has  seven siblings comprising of three brothers and four sisters. He generally lived in the village before he moved to Nairobi.



Odiero Ja Mjengo education

Ja Mjengo started education by attending Got Bondo primary school in Rarieda and after passing with flying colors he was admitted at Kitambo secondary school where he studied up to form two before he transferred to Makongeni Secondary school in Nairobi. This is where he did his KCSE but he could not proceed to collage or university due to school fees problems.


Odiero Ja Mjengo career and jobs

After finishing school, Odiero started hustling in the busy Nairobi estates and was successful to get a job at Angels Company in Industrial Area Nairobi where he worked for two years. After this he started hustling in the  Mjengo sites which later earned him his stage name. It is this time at Mjengo that he participated in the Ultimate Comic Competitions and emerged number two as best comedian in Kenya.

He later joined Churchill Show but due to the outbreak of Corona virus disease, they were not able to continue at the show as everything was shut down. While every Kenyan was to stay at home during the pandemic, Odiero got the idea of creating his clips and sharing on social media platforms. This helped in reaching wider audience and also improved his fan base. He has also worked with Fresh Life company as a promoter and Naypest company.

Right now, apart from his own comedy contents, he is also an important comedian at the Luo comedy show called Onagi Show that is hosted by Simy Kenya running every month across the Luo counties and Nairobi.

Odiero Ja Mjengo wife

Odiero is currently single but he had made a stab at the marriage but it did not work out for him as his lovely wife broke up with him. He was married to a lady identified as Zainab Sarah with whom they had  two daughters Malia and Sasha. He now lives alone with the two daughters.

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