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Nursing Courses in Kenya and Admission Requirements

Nursing Courses

You most likely know somebody who wishes to seek after a nursing course yet doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the requirements or even how to go about it. Nursing is one of the respectable callings offered in Kenya. Lamentably, numerous individuals pass up joining this field because of the absence of data about the passage requirements. It is essential to be refreshed with this data so you can choose a nursing course most appropriate to your capabilities. In such a manner, we give a blueprint of the nursing courses in Kenya and their admission requirements to help you in settling on the best choice.

In Kenya, nursing courses are very popular with thousands of students joining accredited schools to kick-start their career paths. Most of these courses are easily accessible because they are offered by major hospitals even in remote areas. Certificate in Nursing in Kenya is the lowest level for which one can be allowed to practice nursing. Other levels of nursing include a diploma in nursing, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and other short medical courses offered to interested groups. Those working need not worry because many private universities offer part-time nursing courses in Kenya.

Certificate in Nursing in Kenya

A certificate is probably the lowest course in nursing and takes little time to complete. A certificate in nursing in Kenya takes two and a half years to complete while other certificate courses offered at nursing colleges take two years. To qualify for any of these courses, one is required to have a minimum of C- as the aggregate grade in KCSE. One should also have a relevant combination of subjects done to match the prospective course. One can apply for a certificate in nursing at KMTC campuses all over the country after ensuring that all requirements are met.

Diploma in Nursing in Kenya

A diploma in a nursing course in Kenya will require a KCSE mean grade of C or its equivalent. Certificate holders can also be eligible to apply for a diploma in nursing as long as they comply with set guidelines. It should be remembered that the correct subject combination should be observed or else one will not be admitted to any school for a nursing diploma. The correct combination should include English, Kiswahili, Biology, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical sciences. Almost all diploma nursing courses take 3 years except for community health nursing which takes 42 months.

Higher Diploma in Nursing

Nurses wishing to scale up their qualifications should consider a higher diploma. The higher diploma nursing course is open to individuals who have completed a basic diploma in nursing or a relevant field. In addition to this, candidates must have had a minimum of two years of working experience before they can qualify. The duration of this course is 1 year. Qualifications include:

  • Diploma in KRN/M, KRCHN or a Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BScN)
  • Work experience of a minimum of two years as a registered nurse in a hospital
  • C- and above in KCSE
  • Be registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya and own a valid practicing license.

Post Basic Diploma Courses

The major focus of post basic diploma courses is to offer specialized training such as cardiac nursing and community nursing. To qualify for such courses, individuals must be holders of basic diploma from recognized institutions. It also requires students who have practiced for a minimum of two years in the relevant field. Some of the post-basic diploma specialized nursing courses offered at the Kenyatta National Hospital include the following:

  1. Critical care nursing
  2. Perioperative nursing
  3. Nephrology nursing
  4. Accident and emergency nursing
  5. Neonatal nursing

University Degree in Nursing

Nursing courses in Kenya Universities ought to be done in line with the placement regulations such as entry requirements. To join any university for a degree in nursing, candidates must attain the prescribed minimum score in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English/ Kiswahili.

Alternatively, one can gain entry into a degree program with Biological sciences, Physical science, Mathematics, English/ Kiswahili, and any other subject from group II in KCSE. Outstanding diploma students with credit and above can also be admitted to pursue a degree in nursing. Below are some of the requirements that can earn you a spot in a Kenyan university to pursue a degree in nursing:

  1. An aggregate of C in KCSE and a credible diploma in nursing or
  2. KCE/EACA Division 2 and a nursing diploma or
  3. KACE 1 Principal and 2 Subsidiaries in addition to a diploma in nursing
  4. Applicants should have worked for a minimum of two years after getting the diploma in nursing

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Short courses

Short medical courses in Kenya universities are not only offered to individuals but also organizations. Entities such as corporate bodies, organizations, and government agencies wishing for their staff to undergo training can issue a written request to any medical college and make arrangements for the same. Below are some of the short nursing courses offered:

  1. Basic Life Support (BLS)
  2. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  3. Pediatrics Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  4. Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
  5. Nursing management

There you have it. Nursing courses in Kenya and the minimum requirements for entry in the respective level of study. Go ahead and submit your application today.

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