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NotiFlow Says She’s Not Ready To Rekindle Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend


Kenyan rapper Noti Flow has shared an emotional message to her ex-girlfriend, King Alami on social media.Not I Flow said that she had already accepted that the two were not meant to be and was not going to rekindle their past relationship.

She explained that she had finally accepted to let go of King Alami despite taking a longtime to accept that they were no longer together. She explained that their love for each other was too much to a point that it became poisonous.

She said that if she did not release her from her heart she would continue hurting herself and numerous rebounds as well. In a long post on social media, she wrote;
” It took me many days, weeks months to accept the fact that we can’t and we’ll never work despite the fact that we have so much love for each other. It took me a while to come to the understanding that if I don’t release you from my heart, I will keep hurting myself, you and a number of innocent rebounds, today I genuinely released you, my heart is no longer heavy for you.”

The rapper said that she does not regret being in a relationship with her adding that she will forever be greatful since King Alami brought so much color to her life. She also revealed that King Alami taught her a lot including perseverance and growth as well as how to love.

Last month the two girlfriends revealed that they got back together. They flaunted their love on social media and most Kenyans envied the duo’s romantic escapades.From the look of things, their off and on relationship seems to be finally over since the two have officially decided to go on separate ways.

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