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Niko Busy: Ali Kiba Responds To Diamond’s Invitation To Wasafi Festival


Popular Tanzanian musician Ali Kiba has responded to Diamond’s invitation to the Wasafi Festival. Kiba turned down the invitation saying that he is occupied and busy.

Kiba told media outlets that, “Niko busy na shughuli zangu,”

He also shed light on a possible collaboration with Diamond Platnumz saying that they are artists and they are liberty to work together.
“Abdu Kiba ni msanii na Diamond pia ni msanii kwa hivyo wasanii wanapokutana wana mazungumzo baina ya wao kwa wao kama wanaelewana wanafanya wanafanya. Abdu Kiba ni msanii wa Kings Diamond ni msanii wa Wasafi,”

Addressing the latest heated argument he had with Diamond Platnumz he reffered to the Wasafi boss as an empty bin,
“Hayo mambo ukiona mtu anaropokwa…Debe tupu likipigwa linapiga kelele sana lakini lile lililojaa halipigi kelele sielewi sasa hivi inakuaje.”

During the latest press conference, Diamond launched the Wasafi Festival. He reminisced the moments when he resorted to starting his new label, the Wasafi label. He relished doing his first show alongside Ali Kiba.

“My first ever show musically wa in Mtwara and I was with Ali Kiba. The experience was great and I see Mtwara as home. When I ventured into media, our first Wasafi festival was in Mtwara. When we started the label the first artist(Harmonize) we signed was from Mtwara and you all see the great things he is doing.”

He hoped that he would share a stage with Ali Kiba someday adding that he had a conversation with him earlier on owing to his tight schedule. He said,
“We had a conversation with my brother Abdu Kiba maybe before Wasafi festival begins we might release a song. He is also among the people that will be in the festival. If it pleases his brother(Ali Kiba) we would like to be with he as well and work together. We want to involve everyone si there has to be a programme because Kiba is a big artist and he might be busy with his shows, if he gives us a chance even in one show we will be grateful, ” Diamond replied

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