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Night Runners Want Government to Give them Firefighting Job


The Association of Kenyan Nightrunners, AKN, has appealed to the government to recognize them and offer them the job of firefighting. Weird as it may sound, these people are now demanding that they be allowed to help in putting off fire that occurs at night.

The association whose base is mainly in Nyanza region has said that being that they are usually “working” at night, they tend to be able to respond swiftly to fire outbreaks at night while many are asleep. Therefore, if they are allowed and recognized as firefighters, they will be able to save a lot of properties. Through their chairman Jack Songo, the night runners want to be included in the ministry of sports.

This is happening at the same time when an old man was almost lynched by angry villagers for accusation of being a night runner. The old man was cornered by concerned residents after he was caught on the act and the enraged villagers wanted to burn him so as to do away with the nuisance of being awoken at night forever. This happened at Chepalungu village in Bomet county.

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