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New York City Police – NYPD (phone and email) History

New York City Police – NYPD

Find below the support details of the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the law enforcement agency.

Head Office
1 Police Plaza,
New York, NY 10038

Phone: 911 (emergency)
Phone: 311 (non-emergency)
Phone: 646-610-5000 (general)

Other Contacts
Phone: 1-888-440-HATE (report hate crime)
Phone: 212-694-7781 (missing persons)
Phone: 866-689-4357 (victims of crime)
Phone: 800-621-4673 (domestic violence victims)
Phone: 800-566-7636 (immigrants assistance)
Phone: 800-342-3720 or 311 (child abuse)
Phone: 212-227-3000 (rape and sexual assault)
Phone: 855-373-2122 (people with disabilities)
Email: hctf@nypd.org (report hate crime)

About NYPD
Law enforcement in the city of New York is managed by the New York City Police Department (NYPD), which boasts a rich history of more than 175 years. Established in the year 1845, the NYPD today is the largest police force in the United States, with over 36,000 officers representing every ethnicity and background. With its headquarters in Lower Manhattan, the workforce also includes some 19,000 civilian employees. The NYPD is responsible for the prevention and detection of crime, running investigations and maintaining law and order within the jurisdiction of the City of New York. It has 12 transit districts to prevent crime and enforce law around subway systems. Additionally, there are 77 patrol precincts across the city where one can report crime or request assistance. NYPD claims to be the most “technologically advanced police department” in the US. The officers use body-worn cameras, heavy vests, smartphones/tablets, military-grade flashlights and other equipment.

There are different bureaus within NYPD for decentralization of administration. They consist of Patrol Services Bureau, Special Operations Bureau, Transit Bureau, Housing Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Counterterrorism Bureau, Detective Bureau, Intelligence Bureau, Employee Relations, Information Technology Bureau, Personnel Bureau, Support Services Bureau, Internal Affairs Bureau, to name a few. They are headed by a chief of commissioner. As for the ranks, you have the Police Commissioner, followed by Chief of Department, Bureau Chief, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Inspector, Deputy Inspector, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Detective, and Police Officer.

Visit the official website to access a number of resources on the services and programs. There are also educational articles on how to report hate crimes, getting permits and licenses, filing missing report, crime mention and safety tips, and much more. To report a crime, you can call 911. Foreign language assistance is also provided during call. You can also visit the local precinct and police service area for help. You will find them across Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. A complaint report will be filed after which an investigation will be conducted by the NYPD. You can request a copy of same by filling the Verification of Crime/Lost Property Report. Have a tip or information on a crime? You can reach out to Crime Stoppers through phone or email to share the tip.

A number of record requests can easily be made online. Some like Certificates of Conduct will require you to visit the office in person. The report will have details of criminal history searches or background checks within the city. A prior appointment for same is needed. According to the website, processing and mailing takes approximately ten working days. The Certificate of Conduct and Non-Criminal Fingerprint Section handles all record requests. Appointments for certificate of conduct or non-criminal fingerprints can be scheduled online on the link here.

Did you know you can file report for certain crimes or incidents online. The NYPD Online Reporting Service allows you to file a police report with just a few clicks. Types of reports include lost property, petit larceny, criminal mischief or graffiti. On the website motorists can also obtain collision reports taken by NYPD. It may take 7 business days from incident for the report to be accessible. If your vehicle has been towed, you can retrieve same from an NYPD Tow Pound by bringing the necessary documents and paying towing fees in full.