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New prices of fuel by EPRA leave Kenyans reacting


Kenyans are now faced with imminent hard time ahead after the recent announcement by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, EPRA, concerning the prices of fuels in Kenya. EPRA is the body mandated with setting and regulating the prices of fuel in Kenya. Such prices are reviewed monthly and on every 14th of each month, new prices are announced.








This time, Kenyans were left in great shock after the body increased the prices of all the fuel products such as diesel, petrol and kerosene by a very big difference. As per the prices announced, super petrol will retail at ksh. 211.64 after an increase by ksh. 16.96. Diesel will sell at ksh. 200.99 following an increase of ksh. 21.32 and kerosene wi be sold at ksh. 202.61 after ksh. 33.13 was added. This announcement received a lot of reactions from Kenyans some comical while others very disappointing.






Here is a screenshot of some of the reactions from a post by the Nairobi Gossip Club on Instagram on the same issue;

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