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New information about Bahati emerges when he meets his ‘brother’ who grew up with him at the Children’s Home


Singer Kelvin Kioko aka Bahati was very happy to meet one of the people he grew up with at the ABC orphanage some years ago.

The former gospel singer posted a beautiful video of her meeting with the man who identified himself as Francis Nyariro aka ‘Master Lead’ who confirmed that they were together at the children’s home and they even used to sing together in the band they had started.

The two who looked so happy to meet after so many years had a great time as they shared some memories from the place they call home.

“We were with this boy at the orphanage. And he was the only one who could speak good English,” Bahati said about his friend.

He continued to explain how he missed the guy who was his colleague in the music band KQ Gospel Artisans. Mr Nyariro on his part celebrated Bahati’s great success revealing that they used to call him PHAT. (Preaching Holiness And Truth).

“We also used to call him the second Michael Jackson,” Mr Nyariro revealed. Bahati said meeting his friend brought back many memories and filled his heart with joy and laughter.

The famous musician lost his mother when he was seven years old. After his mother died, the musician was adopted by ABC Children’s Home where he was raised. About two years ago, Bahati revealed that her mother died on Christmas day in the house while waiting for her turn to be treated at the hospital. At that time Bahati was six years old.

“There was only one small hospital in the Mathare area. The week my mother died, even I woke up with someone at nine o’clock at night so that we could queue for her at the hospital. That’s how my mother died. My mother died while someone else was queuing for her at the hospital,” Bahati said.

while in conversation with his wife Diana Marua. “He died around noon. He stayed at home for several hours. When the afternoon came, his body was wrapped in a blanket, we hired a taxi to take him to Mochari” He continued. Bahati explained that losing his mother was a big blow to him and it changed his life a lot.

“I thought my life in Nairobi was over. I knew that after the funeral I would be sent to live in Ukambani. That was the plan. We were poor. My father could not afford us to have a maid… I thought my life was over.

After the funeral I cried a lot so as not to be left behind. I hid in the car which was carrying a body. I started living with a neighbor,” Bahati said. Later, the musician went to live at the Children’s Home until he was old enough to take care of himself.