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Nameless Sheds Light On Vasectomy Rumours, Denies Undergoing the Process


Nameless Says He’s Not Seedless, Says He’s Yet To Undergo Vasectomy

Kenyan musician Nameless has refuted the circulating rumors regarding his alleged vasectomy after the birth of his third daughter, Shiru. While he acknowledged that the idea of undergoing a vasectomy is something he’s considering, he clarified that he hasn’t undergone the procedure yet.

In a playful Instagram post on Monday morning, Nameless retracted his previous statement and jokingly expressed, “Oh well… folks, you don’t know jokes… Nameless is NOT seedless, my friend… Just to make it clear, I mentioned that I am contemplating getting a vasectomy, but I haven’t done it yet, my friend… Whoa, I even received a call from my mom asking me why I want to prevent further blessings.”

Initially, Nameless had stated that he and his wife, Wahu, had decided against having more children and that he had already gone through with the procedure. However, during a conversation with YouTuber Vincent Mboya at the Talanta Hela launch held at State House on Friday, the proud father of three shared a different perspective.

Additionally, Nameless took the opportunity to address and challenge the critics who emphasized the importance of him having a son to continue his legacy. He found their attachment to outdated beliefs amusing and emphasized the need to break free from such stereotypes.

He stated, “I find it incredibly amusing that some people still cling to these antiquated ways of thinking. Our role as parents is to guide and nurture our children, regardless of their gender. It is our responsibility to support them unconditionally, even when they face challenges.”

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