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Name of the Killer Police seen Shooting barefooted man | Meet Ally Hemedy the killer police who shot dead a man during demonstrations


The Kenyan constitution together with the police officers code of conduct do not permit police to use live bullets unless protecting their lives or lives of others put at risk by another rogue citizen. However, there are instances where police officers have been seen going against the law and using unimaginable force on unarmed members of the public.

Yesterday, Kenyans witnessed a scary scene when a man who was dressed in plain clothes with funny headdress was seen timing and shooting a man during the Azimio demonstrations then walking away undisturbed. This caused a lot of pain to Kenyans who wondered who the man was and why he was that inhuman.

The issue attracted a lot of uproar online with Kenyans demanding the government to stop ordering police to shoot at protesters. The citizens expressed their concerns and asked for information about the details of the said killer cop who has since been identified as Ali Hemedi known as Moha.

He is said to be based at DCI Starehe Sub County, Industrial Area as per the available details. He is also known to others as Muhammed Osman. From his Facebook account, he is part of the British Army Training Unit in Kenya, BATUK, and also an elite Special Operations Squad. He has a lover named Ann Shiku/Wanjiku wa Marion.

The right to demonstrate is enshrined in the Kenyan constitution and police officers are supposed to oversee that the demonstrations or protests are peaceful without any interference. However, it has always been witnessed that the police officers are fond of provoking those striking by throwing teargas at them and even chasing them away.


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