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Nairobi family asked to turn off life supporting machine for their 7 year old son


The hopes and prayers of everyone whenever they take their kin to hospital is to see them walk out of the hospital bed alive and in good health. Trust is always on the doctors that they would help the sick to get better. However, for a family in Nairobi, they have been served with shocking choice after doctors asked them to consent to a process that would instead kill their patient.

Family of Caleb Odara who is a mere 7 years old is now in dilemma after doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital asked them to sign for a form to allow them turn off life supporting machine for the young Caleb. This is after the doctors evaluated the chances of the boy surviving and realized that it would take a miracle to see him get out of the ICU.

Caleb who is a pupil at Green Angels Academy in Githurai 44 was involved in an accident while in a school  tour on Tuesday 8th 2022. He reportedly slipped off from a merry-go-round at Destiny Gardens and he crash landed on the ground. He was rushed to KNH where he went into a comma and has been in ICU since then.

Now the doctors are asking his family to agree to the request to turn off the life supporting machine which will subsequently end his life as they believe he might not come out of comma but his family still have hopes that he will regain his consciousness.

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