Once upon a time, in the late 18th century, on the serene shores of Lake Victoria, a powerful figure emerged. His name was Gor Mahia, a Luo hero with an extraordinary lineage. Born as Gor Obunga, he was the son of Ogada and Atoka Nyokado from Kanyamwa and Kanyada, respectively. In a polygamous family, Gor was the sole son of Atoka.

Gor Mahia was no ordinary individual; he possessed an otherworldly aura that often left people wondering if he was a spirit or a mere mortal. Legends spoke of his supernatural abilities, inherited from his grandfather, Ogallo. Unfortunately, Gor’s mother passed away when he was very young. However, it was during a significant event at the age of five that his powers truly came to light.
His grandfather, Ogallo, summoned all the children of Ogada for a blessing ceremony. Each child received a portion of meat from a ceremonial bull, except for Gor. Instead, Ogallo handed him the ashes of his late mother and instructed him to bury them in her hut.

This unique experience became the origin of Gor’s mysterious powers, leaving even Ogallo bewildered. From that moment, he was known as Gor Mahia, meaning “mysterious.”
As Gor grew older, his magical abilities and prophetic visions became more apparent. One notable prophecy was his vision of “baby-like” creatures, akin to unstoppable locusts. Traveling to Karungu, he warned the mighty warriors against challenging these creatures, despite their reputation for conquering all adversaries. Gor foretold their defeat, cautioning them about the creatures wielding fire-spitting sticks.

Such incredible powers were just a fraction of what Gor Mahia possessed. Even to this day, herbalists visit his grave to tap into his magic. However, approaching his resting place requires permission from his living descendants, as it is believed that disturbing his spirit by picking leaves or stones without consent may lead to sickness or even death.

Today, the legacy of the great Gor Mahia lives on in the form of Kenya’s renowned Gor Mahia Football Club. The club’s success serves as a tribute to the extraordinary powers and mystical presence of Gor Mahia, the powerful Luo magician whose name still resonates through the annals of time.


Gor Mahia Football club was formed on February 17 1968 following the amalgamation of Luo Union FC and Luo Stars football clubs. However the history of the club goes back to the 1950s with the formation of Luo Union FC. The original Luo Union FC was formed in the 1950s and was the brainchild of freedom fighter Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Luo Union FC finished second in the first ever Kenyan national league held in 1963 and then won the league in 1964 with players like the legendary keeper James Sianga, Stephen Yongo, Fred Siranga, and Daniel Nicodemus “Arudhi”. In 1965 they finished second to Feisal of Mombasa on goal difference.

In 1966 and 67, there was a major split in Luo Union Football Club. Some players split and formed Luo Sports club. Others stayed with Luo Union. But when Luo Union were were omitted from the 1966 league at the expense of Luo Sports club, some players opted to join Kisumu Hotstars. These included William Ouma “Chege” James Sianga, Joseph Okeyo, Josphat Okello “Smart” and John Otieno “Hatari”.
As a result of the split, Abaluhya Football club (now AFC leopards) dominated the league in those two years. At the end of 1967, Luo Union FC officials approached the Minister for economic planning, Tom Mboya to discuss unifying the two factions. The officials included Mahallon Danga who had played for Luo Union FC in the early 60s, Solomon Oiro and Odiawo Nyandega.

Meetings were held in Tom Mboya’s house. Present at those meetings were the likes of Prof Bethwell Ogot, Joab Omino, Zach Ramogo and Samuel Ayany. On February 17 1968, an agreement was reached amongst the Luo Union and Luo Sports club factions to form a unified team. Several names were proposed for the new unified club including “Luanda Magere”, Nile Stars. The name Gor Mahia proposed by Aggrey Olango who played for Luo Sports club was adopted. Zach Ramogo was selected as interim chairman and later voted in as the club chairman.

For the 20th time in their history, Gor Mahia are the champions of Kenya’s top division FKF Premier League. K’Ogalo secured a 4-1 victory at Nairobi City Stars today to close out the season, keeping them one point clear of Tusker FC.
It is Gor’s first title since the 2019-20 season and ends a two-year spell of dominance for Tusker. Gor Mahia will represent Kenya in the 2023-24 CAF Champions League after clinching the title.

Kenya Premier League Champions in the last 12 years
2012 – Tusker FC
2013 – Gor Mahia
2014 – Gor Mahia
2015 – Gor Mahia
2016 – Tusker FC
2017 – Gor Mahia
2018 – Gor Mahia
2019 – Gor Mahia
2020 – Gor Mahia
2021 – Tusker FC
2022 – Tusker FC
2023 – Gor Mahia

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