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Myspace Properties Joins Naivas in Celebrations as Supermarket Hits 100th Branch Milestone


Naivas Supermarket is arguably one of the most popular, successful and oldest shopping store that has ever existed in Kenya.

The chain of supermarkets which was first launched on July 27, 1990 will soon mark it’s 33rd anniversary with an impressive achievement, RALINGO.com has learnt.

This publication understands Naivas Supermarket will officially be opening it’s 100th branch in Tudor, Mombasa County on Thursday, October 12, from 10.00am.

Naivas Supermarket will be opening it’s 100th store in Tudor, Mombasa on Thursday, October 12. Photo: Naivas Supermarket.

Being a major feat, the supermarket took to social media to warm up their customers for the launch of their 100th branch, with 99 others spread across the country.

“Some have walked with us on the #RoadTo100 from day 1, back in 1990 until today🙏🏾 This week we’ll be crossing the hugest milestone in the history of 🛒retail in Kenya – Store 100! 🤔 Where do you think the 100th branch will be #MamboTick ✓,” a post on Naivas Supermarket official social media pages read.

Myspace Properties CEO Mwenda Thuranira took to social media to congratulate Naivas Supermarket ahead of the launch of it’s 100th branch. Photo: Naivas Supermarket/Facebook.

The good news not only excited consumers and customers but also investment partners who have walked with Naivas Supermarket all through the years.

Among them was Kenya’s top realtor Myspace Properties, led by CEO Mwenda Thuranira.

Through a Facebook post sighted by this writer, Mwenda Thuranira and Myspace Properties prepared Kenyans for the biggest launch even as Naivas Supermarket opens doors to it’s 100th branch on Thursday, October 12.

“The 100th milestone is here . Are you ready?” Mwenda Thuranira wrote.

Myspace Properties has been helping Naivas Supermarket to get operating spaces for years now. Photo: Naivas Supermarket/Facebook.

RALINGO.com understands Myspace Properties under the leadership of Mwenda Thuranira has been walking with Naivas Supermarket as their official space provider for some years now.

Myspace Properties has over the years managed to ensure the successful launch of various Naivas Supermarket branches across the country.

This, they’ve been able to achieve by not only providing space but also maintaining them diligently.

Naivas Supermarket to launch it’s 100th branch on Thursday, October 12. Photo: Naivas Supermarket/Facebook.

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