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My monthly rent is 350K shillings – Amber Ray


Socialite Amber Ray has revealed that every month, she and her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo pay more than three hundred thousand Kenyan shillings in rent.

Ray was responding to him by criticizing a blogger who was careful to notice that Amber Ray and her boyfriend have changed the environment of the house where they lived before.

The blogger uploaded a video of Amber Ray going down the stairs of the house and revealed with an eye of curiosity that Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo may have moved out of their house where they were paying rent of two and a half lakhs per month. He said that the two moved to another luxury house with five rooms whose rent is three hundred thousand shillings.

“It seems like Amber Ray and her babydaddy moved out of their luxury residence with a monthly rent of 250k and moved to another luxury house with 5 rooms whose rent is 300k,” the blogger wondered.

However, Amber Ray came to the post and criticized the blogger that it is not 300k but 350k, telling him to focus on the top 50 thousand.

“Weeeeh, it’s not 300k, it’s 350k please, why are you giving that 50k?” Ray asked. The other day, the soft-spoken socialite and his businessman husband, Rapudo, delighted their fans by sharing a video of their new luxury home.

The mother of two showed off her new home, complete with elevator. In the video, she got off the elevator, which opened directly into her living room, walking into the hall with a glass of wine in hand.

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