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Music Producer Wuod Fibi Urges Artists to Go Back to School


John Erick, better known as Engineer Wuod Fibi who is among the best music producers in Kenya has passionately spoken to music artists and other celebrities in general giving them advice on how to make use of their fame to gain financially.

Wuod Fibi who got the moniker ‘engineer’ due to his talent and vast knowledge in music production spoke to Ramogi television where he asked artists to always try to return to school to advance their knowledge.

Wuod Fibi spoke to Lydia Okeyo in the Ramogi TV’s  Business and Wealth segment where he said that after an artist has gained fame and social media following, he or she is likely to attract sponsors and deals which can be a great source of financial income. However, he regretted that some of these musicians might have dropped out of school quite early and so they cannot effectively communicate.

This can affect them by denying them the ability to communicate effectively with potential investors. So according to him, it is good for them to go back to school and improve their education.

Wuod Fibi is now famous for having produced some of the hit songs especially the Ohangla music and nurturing many artists such as Prince Indah. He is the CEO of the Barikiwa Studios and apart from that, he is also an artist.


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