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Mungai Eve Blesses Her Parents With Fancy Bungalow In The Village

Mungai Eve's gift to her parents in Murang'a. Photo: Mungai Eve/Instagram.

It is every parent’s dream to see their children grow to become responsible and successful members of the society.

Most if not all usually sacrifice everything to give their children good education and other needs just but to make it easy for them to prosper in life.

With every sweat parents break to take care of their children, the latter also have a role to play in ensuring the former get the best there is in life upon succeeding in life.

This is exactly what YouTuber Mungai Eve recently brought to life after letting the world inside a secret project she has been handling back in her village in Murang’a.

Mungai Eve’s gift to her parents in Murang’a. Photo: Mungai Eve/Instagram.

RALINGO.com has learnt Mungai Eve is currently building a swanky bungalow for her parents back at home.

The bungalow which is currently under construction is a gift from Mungai Eve to her parents, the content creator disclosed.

Sharing the good news with her fans on social media, the lass took to Instagram and posted several 3D house plan photos and a video showing the progress of the superb house.

Mungai Eve revealed that it has always been her dream to build a house for her parents and she is happy it is finally coming true.

Mungai Eve’s parents’ bungalow under construction. Photo: Mungai Eve/Instagram.

“Pinch me, because I can’t believe this is actually happening! What once started as a distant dream is not becoming a tangible reality. We are pouring our hearts and souls into building something truly special for our amazing parents. Huge shout out to our contractor for holding our hands every step of the way. With uncontainable excitement and unwavering trust in God’s plan, we know the ending will be nothing short of breathtaking,” Mungai Eve wrote.

Mungai Eve did not disclose the amount of money the project will cost but judging by the design and everything, it could cost anything to the upwards of KSh 5 million.

How the bungalow will look like upon completion. Photo: Mungai Eve/Instagram.

Mungai Eve’s fans were super excited and happy for the YouTuber and duly camped on the comments section of her post to congratulate her.

This, however, did not come as a surprise to many since Mungai Eve and her man Director Trevor are loaded.

Just recently, Director Trevor disclosed they made about KSh 13 million from their YouTube channel.

Not only are the two living in one of Nairobi’s leafy suburbs but also roll in a sleep Toyota Crown.

All that screams MONEY!!!

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