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“Mumama” Saga : Sofire Explains Relationship With Tiktoker Moya David


Kenyan business woman Sofire has denied claims that she has been involved romantically with tiktok dancer Moya David.
Sofire asserted that the only relationship she had with the tiktok dancer is related to business adding that they are also great friends.

Sofire’s spokesperson CassyPool revealed that Sofire’s contract with Moya came to an end and coincided with the time Moya was selling his spa to shift his concentration on other things.

She claimed that all the rumours that were shared on social media were false since there is not a single time she and Moya were ever in a relationship.

Sofire added that the fact she was in the entertainment industry she works with different Kenyans in the industry including the famous tiktoker. Sofire said,
” Don’t listen, look, don’t focus on rumors, has Moya David ever shared that we are in a relationship? Neither have I. And normally I don’t respond to rumors.”

For the longest time, Moya has been trending on social media after Netizens spread rumours that he duped Kenyans that he earned millions just from dancing on Tiktok.

Rumours about Moya having a Mumama were spread by Tea Master Edgar Obare who claimed that Moya’s Mumama took away the Prado Tx she gifted him. It is also alleged that the Mumama evicted him from his opulent house in Kilimani worth Kshs 90,000.
Netizens advised him to get himself another Mumama to finance his support because his first Mumama had withdrawn her support.

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