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Mulamwah Slams Male Celebrities Who Dress Like Women


Popular Kenyan comedian David Oyando alias Mulamwah has raised concern over a trend among Kenyan male celebrities who are adept at cross dressing.
Through his Instagram stories the celebrated content creator claimed that celebrities who are cross dressers are setting a detrimental example to young fans who look up to them.
He urged these celebrities to take responsibility in their actions since they have influence over their impressionable following. This is what he posted on his Instagram stories as he called out the celebrities.

“Btw hii story ya wanaume kuvaa kama wamama ilitokea wapi, it’s slowly becoming a normal thing hii Kenya yetu, sikatai kila nyani na starehe yake, but I think if you have influence, tumia kama kioo cha jamii, juu watoto wanaona and they look up to you guys.. Sio freshi ndume kudunga kata k*nd* bana,”

Mulamwah raised concerns after content creator Terrence posted a video of him in a white dress causing a stir on social media. Most of his fans took to social media to discuss and make thoughts provoking comments about his short skit. Terrence captioned the short skit with, ” Dunia wiki hii,Aki Wasapere wa Diaspora nawapenda tag wale wa Harrier.”

Another challenge started on social media that involved men carrying their wives handbags. Celebrities portrayed how men behave when wearing lipstick and also cute dresses.

Speaking about the challenge Bahati said,
“Ladies, this is how your man feels when you give him your handbag to hold for you.Aki babe kila mtu ajibebee vitu zake aaarg!,”

Popular content creator Kabi wa Jesus commented on the challenge saying,
“This is the reason  why I stopped carrying my wife’s handbag !!! Someone, please explain to me what just happened???”

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