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Mulamwah responds sarcastically about Carrol Sonnie changing their daughter’s name.


Comedian and entertainer David Oyando aka Mulamwah has continued to ridicule the act of fellow parent Caroline Muthoni changing their daughter’s name.

Towards the end of last year, actress Carol Muthoni who is popularly known as Carrol Sonnie revealed that she has officially changed her daughter’s name and deleted her father’s name. While engaging fans in a Q&A session, she opened up about how she decided to change the father’s surname from their daughter’s name. She explained that her daughter is no longer called Keilah Oyando but is now known as, Keilah Khloe Wangoi Muthoni.

“How will Keilah be called apart from Keilah Khloe or are they all English names?” One enthusiastic Instagram user asked Sonnie. While answering the question, she thanked the fan for asking, saying that the question gave her a great opportunity to explain about the change.

“No, they are not all English names, her name is Keilah… Please be sure, blogs are coming soon, take a screenshot of this. Keilah’s name is Keilah Khloe Wangoi Muthoni. Thank you very much for the question,” the mother of one said.

In fact, the news reached Mulamwah who first mocked the act in a YouTube video posted on Ruth K’s channel a few days ago. While Mulamwah was engaging his fans in a question and answer session on Instagram on Thursday morning, a fan teased the comedian informing him that his daughter now has a different name. “Kyla Oyando is now muthoni waithera,” the fan wrote. The father of one responded to a fan’s comment with a laughing emoji, expressing his feelings about the situation.

He attached the emoji to a YouTube video of him and Ruth K sharing a discussion about their baby’s name, in which the comedian first mocked Carol Sonnie’s name change. In the video, the artist was heard warning his current girlfriend about changing the child’s name after the relationship broke up.

“And this is your game, someone gives a name to the child, later you come to change it, Lets stack to that game,” said Mulamwah.

He added, “You name the child and then you say it’s Clinton, I don’t know who, I don’t know who. Hmmm.” Ruth replied “Better the child doesn’t change, a name is a name.”

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